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SCOUT²™ Development Platform
Optimierte und integrierte Entwicklungsprozesse über alle Software-Komponenten,Werkzeuge und Plattformen: Stoppt den „Kampf gegen die Infrastruktur“.

Delta SCOUT² - User Interface

The comfortable user interface of SCOUT² provides you with precisely the information you require in a clear format. You can process any type of object consistently in the context of the project.

The user interface may be designed at will by positioning the windows just where you require them: uniform across system boundaries and individually adapted to your particular task:

  • Object List – Displays all objects in your project and is the central location from which processes and actions are invoked on one or more objects.
  • View Definition – Create and customize views to give you the information in the object list that best meets your needs for the task at hand.
  • Output Window – Allows you to trace the output of current tasks and see the results of batch processes.
  • Preview Window – Displays a formatted view of the currently selected object, saving the effort of opening a special browse or edit tool to inspect an object.
  • Detail Window – Additional information about the selected object, including change history and dependency analysis.
  • Search Path – Selects the libraries and objects that you want to be considered in your project, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.
"Migrating to SCOUT² release 4.0 is very simple and was certainly worth it for us: The user interface is now even more intuitive and one feels immediately at home."
Thomas Krieger, Project Manager, HKM (Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann)

SCOUT² - Integrated Multi-Platform Development

Stop "fighting the infrastructure" – Maintain your application assets in a simple and cost-effective way and optimize your software development processes with SCOUT².

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System Requirements for SCOUT²

SCOUT² Development Platform is supported on the following workstation platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 10

Please contact your local sales organisation if you are thinking about installing SCOUT² on older version of Microsoft Windows.

Supported Source Management Systems

SCOUT² Development Platform integrates a range of standard products for version management and configuration management. That enables a comprehensive revision management for all objects in a uniform development environment.

  • PVCS
  • SCCS
  • MKS
  • Others on request

Cross Platform Integration for Mainframes and Host Platforms

SCOUT² Development Platform is used by many of our customers for the development of mainframe applications, to develop and maintain your applications for the high-performance mainframe in a lower-cost and comfortable PC-based environment.

  • Bull DPS7, DPS8
  • HP NonStop, OpenVMS, Unix
  • Fujitsu ICL VME
  • Siemens BS2000
  • UNISYS OS2200
  • Linux
  • Sun Solaris
  • Unix - verschiedene Hersteller
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Others on request

Integration platform for additional tools

A range of special editions are available for SCOUT² Development Platform, that support the seamless integration of tools for specific languages, for the development of service-oriented architectures and for the development of software generators with special functions. Currently available are editions for

  • Microsoft .NET C#
  • Java
  • ADSplus
  • SCORE Adaptive Bridges
  • HyperSenses
  • Others on request


SCOUT² Development Platform Release 4.5 is now available. Our SCOUT² customers get this release as a free update as part of their maintenance contract. Please contact your local sales organisation to arrange the upgrade of your existing SCOUT² environment.

What are your requirements?

Every development environment is unique. A development environment should be customized and not force you to adjust your workflows and development processes to a specified structure. Talk to us about your specific requirements for an integrative development platform.

Stop fighting the infrastructure – Maintain your application assets in a simple and cost-effective way and optimize your software development processes with SCOUT².SCOUT² improves the efficiency of your software development processes by integrating your development platforms and tools into a single project environment. SCOUT² is the tool of choice for all project teams working with multiple platforms, toolsets and source management systems.

Integrated Development for Mainframe, Unix and PC Platforms

SCOUT² was especially designed for increasing productivity within complex multi-platform environments. SCOUT² simplifies complicated work processes by smoothly and transparently integrating very different development environments, legacy tools, platforms, methods and processes into clear and well defined project structures.

Safe and Platform-independent Development Processes

The outstanding property of SCOUT² Development Platform is the concept of separating the logic process definitions from the physical implementations of the development processes for the selected platform. This separation ensures the quality, lowers the error rate and accelerates the development.

Following the "Separation of Concerns" principle, SCOUT² makes a strict separation between the logical, platform-independent view of a project and its technical, platform-specific infrastructure. This leads to a clear separation of tasks – project teams focus on "what" to do while administrators define "how" to do it. This saves time and money and significantly increases overall quality.

SCOUT² Guarantees the Quality of Software Development

RDW, the central organisation for the administration of driving licenses and vehicle registrations in The Netherlands and Delta customer since 1982, uses SCOUT² for the complete PC-based software development of their Unisys OS2200 applications, as well as for the redesign and optimization of their IT process management.

"At RDW we have sensitive applications and very personal data. The security and quality of our development processes are our highest priority. SCOUT² not only allows us to support our mainframe and PC-based development processes, but it also fully embraces our special security and quality management processes."
Gerard Doll, Manager ICT, RDW, The Netherlands

Important properties of SCOUT² Development Platform 

  • Comfortable User Interface – The SCOUT² user interface provides you with precisely the information you require in a clear and understandable format. You can easily customize the information displayed to meet your specific needs. 
  • High-performance and flexible – The SCOUT² Development Platform providers a range of functions that are designed to make the life of professional developers simpler and more productive. 
  • Safe Configuration and Administration – SCOUT² clearly separates the logical view of your project and its physical infrastructure. You do not need to be concerned with where objects are physically located, how they are accessed, what change control tools are involved etc. 
  • Platforms, Tools and Development Systems – SCOUT² is available on the Microsoft Windows platforms and supports a diverse range of change control products, host platforms and connectivity products.

SCOUT² - Integrated Multi-Platform Development

Stop "fighting the infrastructure" – Maintain your application assets in a simple and cost-effective way and optimize your software development processes with SCOUT².

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Is SCOUT² the right tool for you?

Deltas experts have decades of experience to help companies finding suitable development platforms. Please contact your local sales organisation to find the right solution for you.

SCOUT² Development Platform – comfortable and efficient development for all platforms

SCOUT² is the extensible development platform of choice for project teams using multiple platforms, toolsets and change control environments.

With SCOUT² Development Platform we want to support you in your daily project work the best way possible. Therefore, we place particular importance on usability, performance and simple adaptability.

Selected features include:

  • Central Definition of Development Processes – Work flows and related processes are centrally defined according to your company-specific policies. This technical implementation of the logical development processes specifies one-time, which tools are used for which processes on which platforms and how. The developers only execute the logical processes without caring about its technical implementation. With this concept, SCOUT² enables standardized development processes that can be however tailored to your individual needs. Therewith you can assure the compliance with your company policies very easily. 
  • Seamless Integration of Development Environments and Tools under a uniform user interface – SCOUT² allows especially the efficient development of mainframe applications in a modern and easy-to-use PC environment. All accesses and processes that are technically necessary for the selected platform, are automatically executed by SCOUT². SCOUT² contains the complexity of the development processes and allows developers to focus on "WHAT" needs to be done. The "HOW" is automatically done by SCOUT².
  • Scalable Workgroup Function – across project levels - SCOUT² users work with a logical view of their project and the related target environment. When you are working in your local "sandbox", you don't have to spend any time on asking yourself what other developers do – neither in your project nor in other development projects. SCOUT² handles this task and maintains the overview.
  • Sophisticated Search Path Concept – SCOUT² automatically regulates the module access considering the library hierarchy and object dependencies. You automatically use the right component in the right version for your project.
  • Dynamic Process Control – The list of processes available for the currently selected objects is always limited to those that are applicable based on your selection.
  • Dependency and Impact Analysis – SCOUT² tracks dependencies between objects and can automatically recreate objects using the appropriate processes to bring your project up-to-date.
  • Collections – Allow you to optimize your project workflows by collecting objects into named collections. Processes can be applied to a collection or to the members of the collection.
  • Workspace Management – Provides a sandbox environment in which local changes can be made and tested to an object without impacting other users. Objects can be automatically checked out and remain locked until returned from your local workspace.
  • Version Control – SCOUT² provides protective and locking mechanisms and integrates with standard change and configuration management products, both on the workstation and on different host platforms.
  • SourceAssistant – Full function graphical editor for working with all types of source files. SourceAssistant includes syntax coloring and a wide range of productivity features to simply the daily work of the professional developer.


A main concept of SCOUT² Development Platform is the clear separation between the platform-specific view of the infrastructure, like it is needed by the administrator of the development environment, and the platform-independent view of the projects, like it is needed by the application developers.

One-time Definition of the Development Processes

Software development in heterogeneous system environments often requires a comprehensive and time-consuming training of the developers. SCOUT² solves this problem by strictly separating the logical level of the project work and the physical infrastructure. I.e. the level of storage location (directories) of the individual objects and the process implementation. The technical implementation of the development processes and the technical infrastructure of the projects are centrally defined one-time by the administrator. As a developer you must only take care of your logical project structure and your objects.

Governance and Compliance

Whether you want to get an overview as a project manager, or you are actively involved in the project development, or your mind is focussed especially on the version control in the area of maintenance: With SCOUT² you still have an overview of your components and processes - by standardized and even individual project views.

SCOUT² provides a range of features and tools that considerably simplify the governance and maintenance of the logical and physical project environments. SCOUT² also makes it possible to adapt the work environment exactly to the business-specific requirements. SCOUT² supports individual project structures of an arbitrary complexity.

Especially at the migration from existing applications to new platforms and/or technologies, SCOUT² provides the opportunity to continue your work in your well-known and familiar project environment without any problems. New modules, processes and results are provided in a known manner. So you can focus on the actual tasks.

The central definition of the development processes and project structures guarantees the compliance with your business policies.

The features for the configuration and administration comprise:

  • Logical Project Views – The logical project views defined by SCOUT², allow you to work in a uniform environment, irrespective of the physical circumstances. They simplify working in heterogeneous project environments by providing a strictly logical view of the project’s objects completely independent of the physical view, where and how they are stored.
  • Users' roles – The allocation of processes and activities to specific roles allows you to realize your internal organisational structure for your software development process. In this way, SCOUT² provides revision security and the optimal use of your resources.
  • Distributed Environments – SCOUT² optimizes the workflow in distributed environments. SCOUT² enables a transparent access to host modules and integrates the development for different host platforms. The developers don't need to be familiar with the tools, conventions and processes for every platform – they work easily in the logical environment of SCOUT².
  • Performance – Objects stored in remote locations can reduce productivity due to long access times. SCOUT² provides high performance object access with transparent mirrors that relocate modules for time-critical accesses in a more accessible and high-performance area.
  • SCOUT² Configuration – A central tool used by the project administrator to define the mapping between the logical project structure and the physical files, folders, severs and host systems of the physical infrastructure.
  • Scripts – SCOUT² contains a powerful scripting language allowing you to define new processes easily and adapt existing ones to the individual project requirements. External computer systems as well as different development environments are integrated under an uniform interface.

There is a wide range of development environments, tools and applications. By integrating them into your SCOUT² environment, you can provide a more comprehensive and more efficient development environment.

SCOUT² guarantees individuality, adaptability and openness for future requirements.



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