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AMELIO® Modernization Platform™
Maßgeschneiderte Factory für die Modernisierung großer IT-Anwendungen: 100% automatisch und deshalb sicher, zuverlässig und fehlerfrei.

AMELIO Modernization Platform helps you to securely automate large change projects. The technology AMELIO is based on enables us to create a modernization factory that is exactly tailored to your requirements.

"The extent to which AMELIO automated the project was truly amazing. The tool delivered absolutely reliable results. Thanks to AMELIO this essential critical project was completed on time and within budget."
Jürgen Mülders, Service Manager, T-Systems Enterprise Services, Germany

Every Project is Different!

In large software modification projects, volume, complexity as well as the demands for high quality and security call for the application of automated solutions. However, every project is different! It is defined by your applications, architectures, platforms, languages, technologies and many other aspects, i.e. by the existing and future elements of your IT portfolio. There is no standard solution to master this balancing act. Well then?

Bespoke Automation with AMELIO

Why should you decide in favour of a bespoke solution? A bespoke modernization factory with generative tools has the following advantages:

  • safe, manageable and stepwise approach
  • guarantee for the applications' stability at any time
  • no blocking of other development projects and on-going maintenance
  • drastically reduced test effort

Our customers don’t want "quick & dirty" results. When changing their IT applications they are looking for solutions that seamlessly integrate into their environments and that can be maintained without any additional effort.

AMELIO Modernization Platform offers you a broad spectrum of prefabricated components for discovery, analysis, transformation and generation. These elements are introduced into your individual and project-specific modernization factory. Each element is configurable and can be individually extended and enhanced. They will be supplemented with project-specific rules and generators.

Is AMELIO the Right Solution for You?

A bespoke solution that fully automates the implementation of the changes not only minimizes the effort for the changes themselves, but it also paves the way to a new approach for both the organisation and testing.

With AMELIO Modernization Platform we offer you a flexible and generative solution that is tailored to exactly to meet your specific modernization task.

  • The goal-oriented “In-Depth Discovery” detects with 100% certainty all locations that might be concerned.
  • The information-rich analysis provides you with reliable key metrics about the real complexity of your modernization project and the potential degree of automation. It will tell you in advance exactly which changes need to be processed where.
  • 100% automation of the changes gives absolute safety.
  • The new Meta-level Testing reduces your test effort dramatically. (A huge current project rates the reduction at more than 90%!)

Please refer to our fact sheet to learn more about the technology behind AMELIO.

AMELIO Modernization Platform - The Technology

This Fact Sheet familiarizes you with the technical features and the function‐ing of AMELIO Modernization Platform.

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Using AMELIO you won't guess, but know exactly what has to be changed and how it has to be done! You will be able to modernize your mission-critical legacy applications economically and reliably. Exactly as demanded by your concrete requirements – nothing more, but also nothing less.

"Our customers are not looking for standard products but call for bespoke automation: precisely defined changes are to be processed visibly and documented to pass even the strictest auditing. One of the main concerns is that the necessary test efforts might go beyond the financial scope, " summarizes Rüdiger Schilling, CEO of Delta Software Technology the requirements. "With AMELIO we provide them with a tailor-made solution for their specific project requirerments. Moreover, AMELIO reduces test efforts dramatically - we are talking about 90% and more!"

Why Should You Opt for Us?

Our customers don’t take risks. They highly value security and quality. Therefore, they rely on the automation of their software development using Delta's generative tools. With our generative tools for software development and modernization we are an established part of the international IT vendor market for more than 30 years.

Using AMELIO you can accomplish your project within a fraction of the time and budget you would otherwise need. The application areas are manifold. Have a look at our Scenarios and the Platform Overview to gain a first impression of the kind of tasks you can solve with AMELIO.

Challenge Us!

Tell us about your requirements and we will provide you with the tailor-made tool for your modernization projects.

The AMELIO Modernization Platform is a tailor-made development tool, that completely automates the changes of large IT applications: 100% automatic and therefore secure, reliable and error-free.

AMELIO can be used with both old as well as new architectures, platforms, languages and technologies. It will be tailored to exactly meet your specific requirements and project activities. Please see the following platform list for more details. If you do not find the platform you need then just let us know!


  • Structured
  • Object-oriented
  • Component-based
  • Service-oriented


AMELIO always analyses the complete source code of all application components, including meta-level components such as macros, copybooks etc.

    including all dialects (e.g. Unisys ACOB/UCOB, IBM OS/VS COBOL, DOS/VS COBOL, COBOL II, COBOL 370, Micro Focus, AcuCOBOL, Ryan-McFarland, Liant, Fujitsu, Microsoft)
  • PL/1, PL/I
  • Delta/ADS, ADSplus, Delta COBOL, Delta PL/I
  • Embedded SQL, Dynamic SQL, SQL Call Interface

Operating Systems

  • Bull DPS6 GCOS6
  • Bull DPS7 GOCS7
  • Bull DPS8 GCOS8
  • Fujitsu BS2000, BS2000/OSD (Siemens BS2000, BS2000/OSD)
  • HP HP-UX
  • HP Tandem NonStop Guardian
  • HP Tandem NonStop OSS
  • Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7, 8, 2012
  • Sun Solaris
  • Unisys OS 2200, NPE
  • Unix – different manufacturers
  • Linux – different manufacturers


  • Oracle Tuxedo
  • OMG Common Object Request Broker (CORBA)
  • X/Open CPI-C
  • Microsoft COM, DCOM

TP Monitors

  • Bull DPS6 DM6/TP
  • Bull DPS7 TDS7
  • Bull DPS8 DM4/TP
  • Bull DPS8 TP8
  • Fujitsu UTM, openUTM (Siemens UTM, openUTM)
  • HP Tandem NonStop Guardian Pathway
  • HP Tandem NonStop Tuxedo
  • IBM TXSeries CICS, Encina, TopEnd
  • Oracle Tuxedo
  • Unisys DPS1100, TIP, HV-TIP, OpenOLTP

Data Management Systems (DBMS)

  • Sequential (flat) files for all systems
  • Index-sequential files for all systems
  • Bull IDS2
  • CA-Datacom
  • Fujitsu LEASY, SESAM, SQL Server, UDS (Siemens LEASY, SESAM, SQL Server, UDS)
  • HP Tandem NonStop SQL/MX, SQL/MP
  • HP DEC Rdb
  • IBM DL/I
  • IBM IMS/DB, IMS/DM Automatically replacing IBM IMS/DB"Automatically replacing IBM IMS/DB"
  • IBM Informix
  • Ingres
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Software AG Adabas
  • Sybase SQL Server
  • Unisys DMS/RDMS, RDMS

More Information

The AMELIO Modernization Platform is extremely flexible and thanks to its generative core technology it can be easily adapted to meet your specific requirements. If your platform is not listed above, or if you want to include system components that you have developed your own, then please let us know.

AMELIO Modernization Platform helps you to securely automate large change projects.  AMELIO adapts simply and flexibly to different environments and tasks: modernization of legacy applications, platform migration, application transformation, conversion, porting, rightsizing, off-loading, reengineering or architecture consolidation.

With AMELIO your accomplish these projects quicker and with less resources. Have a look at our fact sheet about "Typical Application Areas" to learn more about where and how AMELIO might help you.

"AMELIO allowed us to build a modernization factory that reduced by 90% the effort needed for a critical SQL migration project in our core Unisys OS2200 applications. Our trust in AMELIO was confirmed in other transformation projects, including Y2K and an ACOB/UCOB COBOL compiler migration project"
Dieter Zink, IT-Director, Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse (Vienna health insurance), Austria

What Can AMELIO Do for You?

The core activity in software modification projects is to make a series of well-defined changes that focus on clearly identifiable aspects throughout all of your existing application components – without endangering your applications’ integrity of functionality. We are talking about mass changes: Thousands of modules have to be changed – more or less simultaneously – to introduce new data structures, new functional structures or even new technologies.

For the following requirements AMELIO can help you solve the problems arising from the huge number of modules and from complexity:

  • Changing the Platform – Hardware, operating system or other system components like compilers, DBMS etc. are changing, or you want to save money by rightsizing and off-loading.
  • Modernizing the Application Architecture – This includes changing individual application layers e.g. a front-end modernization for using new (web-) technologies, introducing a separate data server layer as well as extensive modifications coming along with the introduction of service oriented architectures (SOA).
  • Changing the Business Functions – Such deep changes are often initialized by external claims: internationalization, new legal requirements like Basel II or the Sarbanes Oxley Act or re-organizations due to mergers & acquisitions are just a few of the catchwords used in this context.

Usually, these are expensive and risky projects which nonetheless are a part of everyday's business. The productive lifetime of business functions is often measured in terms of decades. The technologies, however, have a much shorter lifetime. To accomplish such projects you will need flexible tools that are able to change your applications exactly as needed – without endangering their functionality.

AMELIO Modernization Platform - Typical Application Areas

This Fact Sheet will exemplify how AMELIO can help you to get your software modification projects done.

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AMELIO analyses your applications and changes them reliably and automatically. AMELIO helps you to accomplish these projects with economically meaningful costs and effort. Projects dealing with the modernization of legacy applications and software architectures are the ideal operational areas for AMELIO!

Why Should You Rely on Us?

Our customers are large companies with grown, heterogeneous applications. They are well aware of the high value of their applications and want to preserve them. Some of these companies are using our tools for decades. We are successfully building tools to automate software development for more than 30 years. We know (almost) every platform and we successfully accomplished many of such projects.

This is why Delta is the right partner for you! Contact us and tell us about your requirements.

AMELIO Modernization PlatformChanging Platforms – Modernization – Agile Business Functions

Changing productive large-scale IT applications is accompanied by tremendous costs, unpredictable risks and a great deal of time. The challenge, however, is not in the changes themselves, but in the vast quantity of application modules that need to be changed, as well as in the difficulty – sometimes even the impossibility – of sufficiently isolating individual applications in a way that enables you to securely implement the changes.

AMELIO Modernization Platform - Product Description

If you do want to perform plattform change, database migration or application modernisation with utmost quality and few resources then choose AMELIO Modernization Platform: 100% automated - secure, reliable, error-free.

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With AMELIO you accomplish these projects securely, quicker and with less resources.

"A decisive factor in selecting AMELIO was its new meta-level test concept: It allows us to save 90% and more of the test effort and costs. The flexible In-place Migration ensures minimal blocking times as we can combine in production already transformed and not yet transformed components without any problem."
Gerard Doll, Director ICT, RDW, The Netherlands

AMELIO – The Factory that Changes Your Applications Reliably

The AMELIO Modernization Platform not only helps you to change your COBOL or PL/1 applications. AMELIO actually does the work for you – securely and efficiently:

  • AMELIO tells you exactly how big your problem really is.
  • AMELIO analyses all source code, including all meta-level components such as macros, copybooks etc.
  • AMELIO automates the changes – 100%.
  • AMELIO dramatically reduces your test effort.
  • AMELIO guarantees the full integrity and operability of your applications at all times.
  • AMELIO implements your changes without blocking other projects.

Our product flyer provides you with an overview of the AMELIO Modernization Platform and concisely explains it features.

"Delta worked with us to study and understand the current situation and then define the best migration strategy. The solution presented by Delta was an ideal match to our needs."
Alberto Moreira, Systems Development Manager, Grupo Edson Queiroz, Brazil

Application Areas – Technology – Platforms

With AMELIO you can accomplish your project in a fraction of the time and budget you would otherwise need. The possible applications of AMELIO are endless. Please have a look at our scenarios to get a first impression of what AMELIO can do for you.

AMELIO can be used with both old as well as new architectures, platforms, languages and technologies. It will be tailored to exactly meet your specific requirements and project activities. Please see our platform list for more details.

Let AMELIO make the changes to your applications: securely, reliably, error-free and 100% automated.

Follow this link to obtain more information about the technology behind AMELIO.

What Problem do You Want to Solve?

Every project is different. Let AMELIO make the changes to your applications: securely, reliably, error-free and 100% automated.

We would like to learn more about your specific requirements. Please contact us.



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