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Modern distributed applications are characterized by a dynamic cooperation between components of different types. They are operating in different environments and on different platforms at runtime. And they are developed using multiple tools, languages, paradigms and technologies. The development and maintenance of such cross-platform applications is complex, because so many different technical parameters have to be considered. Even though the goal is uniformity, the reality is complex variety.

Mastering Complexity with Generative Tools

Generative tools help you to master this complexity. The development and maintenance of cross-platform applications becomes easier, if you do not have to worry about technical details and platform specifics. The automation of the development can help to decisively increase the connectivity of the application components, so they can be flexibly connected with each other.

With the automatic generation of intelligent interfaces and a "logical middleware", our tools ensure the flexible bridging of the differences between platforms, languages, paradigms and architectures – and thus utmost connectivity. Our generative tools promote

  • more quality in the process of development due to automatic implementation of the technical aspects
  • more agility of the applications, because they can be adapted faster to new requirements
  • more independence from platforms and technologies, because logic and technique are decoupled
  • more innovation, because new technologies can be used faster with less risk.

Always On The Right Platform With The Right Technology

Technologies and platforms change faster than application functions. Our tools help you to make best use of different technologies and platforms and to master the complexity at the same time. You will gain the freedom of decision, because you can easily change platforms and development technologies with generative solutions:

We also help you in making your applications independent in the first place:



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