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Newsletter - Tuesday, 10th September 2013
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The next generation has arrived: in the management, in the computer architectures and at the developers.

Dr. Daniela Schilling is a new member of the executive board of Delta Software Technology GmbH. With the new ADS versions, you now can take full advantage of 64-bit architectures for your development. The new generation of developers is confronted with the problem of having to understand complex legacy applications in order to re-implement, maintain or modernise them. We can solve this problem for you.

Please enjoy reading our articles on the generational changes.
Your Delta Software Technology Team

News in brief...

The latest HyperSenses version is available for download now.

1. New Generation Joins the Board

In June 2013, Dr. Daniela Schilling has been appointed new managing director of Delta Software Technology GmbH (Delta). She succeeds her father Rüdiger Schilling who retires after managing the company for 27 years. The management board of Delta now consists of Winfried Buhl and Dr. Daniela Schilling. Rüdiger Schilling will further accompany Delta as advisor.
Learn more about the details...

2. New: ADS for 64-bit Systems

Perceptible response times are not only annoying, they also disturb the thinking process in the development. The faster you obtain the requested information and the smoother your work proceeds, the more efficient is the development. This holds true especially for the development of large applications for Bull, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, ICL, Unisys mainframes as well as for large Unix systems.

Our development system ADS is now available in 64-bit versions for the usage in 64-bit architectures on Microsoft Windows. The ADS 64-bit versions support the development for all target systems on mainframes, Unix and Windows.

Release the brakes and benefit from the advantages of 64-bit systems for your application development with ADS.

Read all further details here...

3. Understanding COBOL and PL/I Applications

It is anything but easy!

The existing COBOL and PL/I applications are large, the dependencies are complex, the documentation doesn’t fit the implementation, the functionality cannot be simply read from the code. These problems are particularly painful if you want to modernise legacy applications and re-implement them with modern languages and technologies. Or, if you are in charge of the maintenance of application systems you don’t know. The risks that arise from the lack of understanding are huge.

We show how AMELIO Logic Discovery can help you to solve these problems, either at Fujitsu NEXT on September 16th or in a personal discussion.

Afterwards, you will know what is actually possible and where the pitfalls of too easy analyses lie. You will know how you can really understand COBOL and PL/I applications and extract the relevant application logic.

More details can be found here...




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