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Newsletter - Thursday, 12th June 2014
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Dear Delta Interessent,

Application development, software analysis, modernisation: Our tools make your work easier.

Developing more easily? We have equipped ADS on Eclipse with additional functions. Easily understand source code even if you have not developed it yourself? Learn more about the analyses that can really help you and see which specific analyses we offer for COBOL applications. Easily modernise the data access layer of your applications? Read the article about the project at Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann.

We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to your feedback.

Your Delta Software Technology Team

ADS on Eclipse 6.2

1. New: Even more productive with ADS on Eclipse 6.2

ADS on Eclipse provides comprehensive support for the maintenance and further development of your ADS application in an integrated development environment.

With the release of ADS on Eclipse 6.2 new functions are available, which make working with ADS even easier and more efficient.

See what’s news now...

AMELIO Logic Discovery

2. Understanding Your Clients’ Source Code – but how?

For any outsourcing or refactoring project, service providers face the same questions. They must understand the applications, the implemented source code of their customers:

  • From where do they obtain current information about the architecture, the components, the interfaces, the logic and the functions of the COBOL or PL/I applications that grew over decades?
  • How to assess the interrelations and dependencies?
  • How can efforts be calculated reliably?

In this case, the right analyses will help you. Find out how you can eliminate the risks for outsourcing and refactoring projects...

AMELIO Logic Discovery

3. AMELIO Logic Discovery - for COBOL

It is difficult and expensive to understand large and complex applications. But real understanding of the applications is a decisive factor for many projects in the area of modernisation, outsourcing, re-implementation.

AMELIO Logic Discovery provides the necessary information for this purpose about the functionality and the architecture of the applications. The tool is available for the analysis of applications that have been developed with COBOL, PL/I or in a generative way with Delta ADS.

Find out which analyses AMELIO Logic Discovery provides to help you to better understand especially COBOL applications...

Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann

4. HKM pours Data Accesses into the Perfect Form

With its successfully concluded modernisation project HKM has not only increased the maintainability and flexibility of the existing application systems but has also laid the foundations for future developments:

  • Applications in Java, C#, etc. can directly use the existing data servers generated in COBOL as real services in their own architecture.
  • In the future, besides COBOL servers also JAVA servers can be generated directly from the now not only platform-neutral but also language-neutral models for the data access layer of the applications.

Please find further details here...




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