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icon_sab.gif SCORE Adaptive Bridges

SCORE Adaptive Bridges
Intelligent service enablement for the reuse of proven applicationswith state-of-the-art technologies: flexible, profitable and non-invasive.

icon_sab.gif SCORE Data Architecture Integration

SCORE Data Architecture Integration
Data as Intelligent Business Services - Independent of Data Architectures

icon_dstg.gif Delta Software Technology

Delta Software Technology is a specialist for generative software tools automating the modernisation, integration, development andmaintenance of individual IT applications. We understand business IT as a living organism that is continuously evolving.

icon_amld.gif AMELIO Modernization Platform

The tailor-made factory for the modernisation of large IT applications:100% automation and therefore safe, reliable and error-free.

icon_amld.gif AMELIO Logic Discovery

AMELIO Logic Discovery

folder_blue_EN.png ADS for COBOL and PL/I

Platform-independent development for future-proof back-end applications.

icon_pbe.gif HyperSenses

Integrated system for model driven development of DSLs and software generators.

icon_pbe.gif Emerging Technologies
Emerging Technologies
icon_scout2.gif SCOUT² Development Platform

Optimized and integrated development processes across all software components,tools and platforms: Stopping the "fight against the infrastructure".

folder_green.png AMELIO CleanUp Factory

With the AMELIO CleanUp Factory by Delta Software Technology you can quickly and securely clean up your COBOL and PL/I as well as Delta ADS applications and thus regain the flexibility and adaptability of your core applications.



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