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"Migrating to SCOUT² release 4.0 is very simple and was certainly worth it for us: The user interface is now even more intuitive and one feels immediately at home."
Thomas Krieger, Project Manager, HKM (Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann)

SCOUT² - Integrated Multi-Platform Development

Stop "fighting the infrastructure" – Maintain your application assets in a simple and cost-effective way and optimize your software development processes with SCOUT².

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System Requirements for SCOUT²

SCOUT² Development Platform is supported on the following workstation platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 10

Please contact your local sales organisation if you are thinking about installing SCOUT² on older version of Microsoft Windows.

Supported Source Management Systems

SCOUT² Development Platform integrates a range of standard products for version management and configuration management. That enables a comprehensive revision management for all objects in a uniform development environment.

  • PVCS
  • SCCS
  • MKS
  • Others on request

Cross Platform Integration for Mainframes and Host Platforms

SCOUT² Development Platform is used by many of our customers for the development of mainframe applications, to develop and maintain your applications for the high-performance mainframe in a lower-cost and comfortable PC-based environment.

  • Bull DPS7, DPS8
  • HP NonStop, OpenVMS, Unix
  • Fujitsu ICL VME
  • Siemens BS2000
  • UNISYS OS2200
  • Linux
  • Sun Solaris
  • Unix - verschiedene Hersteller
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Others on request

Integration platform for additional tools

A range of special editions are available for SCOUT² Development Platform, that support the seamless integration of tools for specific languages, for the development of service-oriented architectures and for the development of software generators with special functions. Currently available are editions for

  • Microsoft .NET C#
  • Java
  • ADSplus
  • SCORE Adaptive Bridges
  • HyperSenses
  • Others on request


SCOUT² Development Platform Release 4.5 is now available. Our SCOUT² customers get this release as a free update as part of their maintenance contract. Please contact your local sales organisation to arrange the upgrade of your existing SCOUT² environment.

What are your requirements?

Every development environment is unique. A development environment should be customized and not force you to adjust your workflows and development processes to a specified structure. Talk to us about your specific requirements for an integrative development platform.



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