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Stop fighting the infrastructure – Maintain your application assets in a simple and cost-effective way and optimize your software development processes with SCOUT².SCOUT² improves the efficiency of your software development processes by integrating your development platforms and tools into a single project environment. SCOUT² is the tool of choice for all project teams working with multiple platforms, toolsets and source management systems.

Integrated Development for Mainframe, Unix and PC Platforms

SCOUT² was especially designed for increasing productivity within complex multi-platform environments. SCOUT² simplifies complicated work processes by smoothly and transparently integrating very different development environments, legacy tools, platforms, methods and processes into clear and well defined project structures.

Safe and Platform-independent Development Processes

The outstanding property of SCOUT² Development Platform is the concept of separating the logic process definitions from the physical implementations of the development processes for the selected platform. This separation ensures the quality, lowers the error rate and accelerates the development.

Following the "Separation of Concerns" principle, SCOUT² makes a strict separation between the logical, platform-independent view of a project and its technical, platform-specific infrastructure. This leads to a clear separation of tasks – project teams focus on "what" to do while administrators define "how" to do it. This saves time and money and significantly increases overall quality.

SCOUT² Guarantees the Quality of Software Development

RDW, the central organisation for the administration of driving licenses and vehicle registrations in The Netherlands and Delta customer since 1982, uses SCOUT² for the complete PC-based software development of their Unisys OS2200 applications, as well as for the redesign and optimization of their IT process management.

"At RDW we have sensitive applications and very personal data. The security and quality of our development processes are our highest priority. SCOUT² not only allows us to support our mainframe and PC-based development processes, but it also fully embraces our special security and quality management processes."
Gerard Doll, Manager ICT, RDW, The Netherlands

Important properties of SCOUT² Development Platform 

  • Comfortable User Interface – The SCOUT² user interface provides you with precisely the information you require in a clear and understandable format. You can easily customize the information displayed to meet your specific needs. 
  • High-performance and flexible – The SCOUT² Development Platform providers a range of functions that are designed to make the life of professional developers simpler and more productive. 
  • Safe Configuration and Administration – SCOUT² clearly separates the logical view of your project and its physical infrastructure. You do not need to be concerned with where objects are physically located, how they are accessed, what change control tools are involved etc. 
  • Platforms, Tools and Development Systems – SCOUT² is available on the Microsoft Windows platforms and supports a diverse range of change control products, host platforms and connectivity products.

SCOUT² - Integrated Multi-Platform Development

Stop "fighting the infrastructure" – Maintain your application assets in a simple and cost-effective way and optimize your software development processes with SCOUT².

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