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SCORE Adaptive Bridges accelerate the construction of a flexible service-oriented application architecture and simplifies reuse of existing functionality to enable the quick deployment of new IT applications and better support of business processes with IT functionality.

What does SCORE Adaptive Bridges offer you?

SCORE Adaptive Bridges extracts all useful information from existing interfaces, data definitions, DBMS-information, etc. SCORE Adaptive Bridges generates the adapters and the entire interface management for the connection of the application components and automatically bridges the gap between the different languages, technologies and platforms.

SCORE Adaptive Bridges:

  • Uses generators, i.e. safe and reliable, but also flexible and adaptive.
    Changes are always implemented in the same way.
    Changes in the architecture or in the framework can be done globally, the affected components are easily regenerated.
  • Generates the platform specific implementation, i. e. developers do not have to worry about platform-specific details, SCORE Adaptive Bridges knows the technical details and generates the complete implementation.
  • Operates non-invasively, i.e. existing applications are encapsulated and need not to be changed, a perfect solution for the automatic integration of back-end systems.
  • No Footprint, i.e. your applications are independent from SCORE Adaptive Bridges. The tool is used temporarily for the duration of the project. The generated application components are easy to maintain or develop further.

SCORE Adaptive Bridges – A functional overview

To connect application components, many requirements must be met. SCORE Adaptive Bridges generates intelligent adapters that guarantee the smooth interaction. In addition SCORE Adaptive Bridges ensures that your applications are agile and react flexibly to changes.

Intelligent adapters

  • Easy reuse and creation of composite applications with generated, adaptive connectivity using a flexible layered architecture
  • Automatically generated Interface Management
  • Automatic Message Handling including format conversion and Object-Relational mapping
  • Encapsulation of middleware technologies
  • Automatic Transaction Management (Session Handling)
  • State Management
  • Business logic for complex requirements
  • Stratification of interfaces and external services

Service agility

  • Optimized choreography including cache management, packaging, pre-fetching, etc.
  • Support multi-granular interfaces instead of an inflexible central broker
  • Automatic generation and runtime support of various interface versions
  • Automatic detection of interface changes as well as comprehensive impact and dependency analyzes provide security after updates
  • Code optimization for deployment platforms
  • Support for parallel platforms

Service- quality

  • Interface versioning for safe rollout
  • Non-invasive integration of legacy systems
  • Integration into host security models
  • High performance
  • High Availability
  • Simple system administration

SCORE Adaptive Bridges reduces the cost of application integration and building service-oriented architectures. It facilitates the modernization and optimization of your business processes. SCORE Adaptive Bridges will also help you to gradually replace, modernize or re-implement your old applications.

What can SCORE Adaptive Bridges do for you? Speak with us about requirements.

Schorch - Automatic Service Enablement with SCORE Adaptive Bridges

Schorch quickly and easily integrate their mainframe legacy applications into their enterprise portal using SCORE Adaptive Bridges from Delta Software Technology.

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