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As anyone who has worked in software development will testify, there is a tremendous amount of repetition in the process of creating large software systems. We are continually faced with development something “similar but not exactly the same” as something we have done many times before.

Delta has more than 40 years experience of building software tools for use in large-scale application development projects. Solving the “similar but not exactly the same” problem is a core element of Delta’s technology and products.

Over the past years Delta has carefully followed research developments in the area of Generative Programming, a new programming paradigm that offers great potential for solving the “similar but not exactly the same” problem. Having made considerable investments in this area, Delta is now gradually releasing the results of various development projects.

This section of the Web site gives you an overview of Generative Programming and the work that Delta has been doing in this area:

  • Improving Software Engineering – Over the years many improvements have been made to the software development process, starting with modular programming and then moving on to structured and then object-oriented programming. We are still looking for a good solution to the “similar but not exactly the same” category of problem we encounter so often in software development.
  • Generative Programming – The most recent attempt to solve the “similar but not exactly the same” problem, Generative programming brings assembly line techniques to software development. Instead of directly developing a custom application by hand the system is manufactured from a stock of reusable and combinable parts.
  • Next Generation Products – Delta has made significant investments to bring together the latest research work on generative programming, the latest thinking on software development and 40 years experience of building software tools. The result is a series of new technologies that underpin Delta’s current and future product offerings.
  • Research Community – Delta works closely with leading Universities, making selected emerging technologies freely available to the global academic and developer communities. Early and comprehensive feedback helps Delta build rock-solid enterprise products.

Not Sure where to Start?

If you want a look back at previous attempts to improve productivity then start with Improving Software Engineering. To get an overview of the “next big thing” in software development start with Generative Programming. The section Next Generation Products introduces the new Delta products based on generative programming. The final section Research Community talks about how Delta works with the global development community to improve product quality.



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