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AMELIO Modernization Platform helps you to securely automate large change projects.  AMELIO adapts simply and flexibly to different environments and tasks: modernization of legacy applications, platform migration, application transformation, conversion, porting, rightsizing, off-loading, reengineering or architecture consolidation.

With AMELIO your accomplish these projects quicker and with less resources. Have a look at our fact sheet about "Typical Application Areas" to learn more about where and how AMELIO might help you.

"AMELIO allowed us to build a modernization factory that reduced by 90% the effort needed for a critical SQL migration project in our core Unisys OS2200 applications. Our trust in AMELIO was confirmed in other transformation projects, including Y2K and an ACOB/UCOB COBOL compiler migration project"
Dieter Zink, IT-Director, Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse (Vienna health insurance), Austria

What Can AMELIO Do for You?

The core activity in software modification projects is to make a series of well-defined changes that focus on clearly identifiable aspects throughout all of your existing application components – without endangering your applications’ integrity of functionality. We are talking about mass changes: Thousands of modules have to be changed – more or less simultaneously – to introduce new data structures, new functional structures or even new technologies.

For the following requirements AMELIO can help you solve the problems arising from the huge number of modules and from complexity:

  • Changing the Platform – Hardware, operating system or other system components like compilers, DBMS etc. are changing, or you want to save money by rightsizing and off-loading.
  • Modernizing the Application Architecture – This includes changing individual application layers e.g. a front-end modernization for using new (web-) technologies, introducing a separate data server layer as well as extensive modifications coming along with the introduction of service oriented architectures (SOA).
  • Changing the Business Functions – Such deep changes are often initialized by external claims: internationalization, new legal requirements like Basel II or the Sarbanes Oxley Act or re-organizations due to mergers & acquisitions are just a few of the catchwords used in this context.

Usually, these are expensive and risky projects which nonetheless are a part of everyday's business. The productive lifetime of business functions is often measured in terms of decades. The technologies, however, have a much shorter lifetime. To accomplish such projects you will need flexible tools that are able to change your applications exactly as needed – without endangering their functionality.

AMELIO Modernization Platform - Typical Application Areas

This Fact Sheet will exemplify how AMELIO can help you to get your software modification projects done.

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AMELIO analyses your applications and changes them reliably and automatically. AMELIO helps you to accomplish these projects with economically meaningful costs and effort. Projects dealing with the modernization of legacy applications and software architectures are the ideal operational areas for AMELIO!

Why Should You Rely on Us?

Our customers are large companies with grown, heterogeneous applications. They are well aware of the high value of their applications and want to preserve them. Some of these companies are using our tools for decades. We are successfully building tools to automate software development for more than 30 years. We know (almost) every platform and we successfully accomplished many of such projects.

This is why Delta is the right partner for you! Contact us and tell us about your requirements.



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