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AMELIO Modernization PlatformChanging Platforms – Modernization – Agile Business Functions

Changing productive large-scale IT applications is accompanied by tremendous costs, unpredictable risks and a great deal of time. The challenge, however, is not in the changes themselves, but in the vast quantity of application modules that need to be changed, as well as in the difficulty – sometimes even the impossibility – of sufficiently isolating individual applications in a way that enables you to securely implement the changes.

AMELIO Modernization Platform - Product Description

If you do want to perform plattform change, database migration or application modernisation with utmost quality and few resources then choose AMELIO Modernization Platform: 100% automated - secure, reliable, error-free.

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With AMELIO you accomplish these projects securely, quicker and with less resources.

"A decisive factor in selecting AMELIO was its new meta-level test concept: It allows us to save 90% and more of the test effort and costs. The flexible In-place Migration ensures minimal blocking times as we can combine in production already transformed and not yet transformed components without any problem."
Gerard Doll, Director ICT, RDW, The Netherlands

AMELIO – The Factory that Changes Your Applications Reliably

The AMELIO Modernization Platform not only helps you to change your COBOL or PL/1 applications. AMELIO actually does the work for you – securely and efficiently:

  • AMELIO tells you exactly how big your problem really is.
  • AMELIO analyses all source code, including all meta-level components such as macros, copybooks etc.
  • AMELIO automates the changes – 100%.
  • AMELIO dramatically reduces your test effort.
  • AMELIO guarantees the full integrity and operability of your applications at all times.
  • AMELIO implements your changes without blocking other projects.

Our product flyer provides you with an overview of the AMELIO Modernization Platform and concisely explains it features.

"Delta worked with us to study and understand the current situation and then define the best migration strategy. The solution presented by Delta was an ideal match to our needs."
Alberto Moreira, Systems Development Manager, Grupo Edson Queiroz, Brazil

Application Areas – Technology – Platforms

With AMELIO you can accomplish your project in a fraction of the time and budget you would otherwise need. The possible applications of AMELIO are endless. Please have a look at our scenarios to get a first impression of what AMELIO can do for you.

AMELIO can be used with both old as well as new architectures, platforms, languages and technologies. It will be tailored to exactly meet your specific requirements and project activities. Please see our platform list for more details.

Let AMELIO make the changes to your applications: securely, reliably, error-free and 100% automated.

Follow this link to obtain more information about the technology behind AMELIO.

What Problem do You Want to Solve?

Every project is different. Let AMELIO make the changes to your applications: securely, reliably, error-free and 100% automated.

We would like to learn more about your specific requirements. Please contact us.



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