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Many of our customers who develop with ADS use development platforms from Micro Focus and IBM at the same time. These platforms provide the functionality for the integrated development of mainframe applications, for example the development of COBOL and PL/I for IBM z/OS on workstations with Microsoft Windows. In close cooperation with Micro Focus and IBM integrated solutions for ADS and the development platforms of these providers have now been created.

Micro Focus - Enterrpise Developer for z     IBM Rational Software

Due to the consolidation of the development environments a uniform, productive, graphical and modern working environment for the development of Java and (web)front-ends as well as of COBOL-, PL/I- and ADS applications is provided to the developers.

As a result, we now offer our customers, besides ADS on SCOUT² and ADS on Eclipse, ADS for other development environments:

  • ADS on Micro Focus EDz (Enterprise Developer for z)
  • ADS on IBM RDz (Rational Developer for System z)
  • ADS on Compuware Topaz

Both development environments are based on the open source platform Eclipse. In this way, ADS on Eclipse is integrated into the Micro Focus Workflow Manager. Thus a code generation can be performed as part of the workflow.
COBOL code generated by ADS can automatically be transferred to a dataset on the z/OS host due to the connection between ADS and RDz. A Compile/Link job can automatically be started on the host for this code as well.

ADS on RDz

The following advantages result from the integration of the development tools under Eclipse:

  • Uniform interface for ADS, COBOL, PL/I, C/C++,  Java, …
  • Functionalities of modern development techniques:
    • Graphical debugging
    • Syntax completion
    • Real time syntax check
    • Smart Editor
  • Further integration with Eclipse-based tools
  • Connection of SCM systems like Serena ChangeMan and ERO
  • Local and remote development
  • and more

The following benefits can be achieved by transferring the development to the PC:

  • A higher level of productivity during the development and maintenance of applications
  • Shorter development cycles
  • Relief of the mainframe by saving MIPs
  • The mainframe becomes more attractive for junior employees
  • and more

Due to the integration of tools and avoidance of media breaks the development and test processes are shortened significantly.




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