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Many enterprises use different platforms for their software development: Eclipse for the Java and (web)front-end development, Microsoft Windows or even mainframes for generative back-end development with Delta ADS. The parallel operation of different working environ-ments for the development is intricate and expensive. ADS on Eclipse helps you to reduce these efforts.

eclipse readyADS on Eclipse

With ADS on Eclipse you now can standardize your working environments for the application development.
ADS on Eclipse smoothly integrates all ADS tools into your individual Eclipse environment:

  • ADS editors
  • ADS generators
  • ADS Post-Generation Debugger
  • ADS reports und analyses
  • ADS documentation
  • DETAB decision tables generator

ADS Editors

The ADS editors assist you when creating and editing ADS source codes, such as macros, programs, SCREEN definitions and others with:

  • Chroma coding
  • Code folding
  • Code assistants with extendable templates for macro statements and processor calls
  • Outline views for easy navigation in larger source codes.
Comfortable ADS development in Eclipse
Easy to operate ADS development in Eclipse

ADS Generators

You can start the ADS generators directly from the Eclipse environment. The configuration is conveniently defined using the standard property dialogs.
An individual view is available for displaying the generation lists. In addition, the macros called during the generation will be displayed in a separate cross reference view.
You will see the generator messages directly at the right place within the source code as well as collected in the Problems View for the entire project.

ADS on Eclipse - Brochure

ADS on Eclipse: Développement confortable sous Eclipse put Delta ADS COBOL et PL/I

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ADS Post-Generation Debugger

The Post-Generation Debugger is integrated as an individual perspective and you can switch between the code editing and the debugger at any time.

ADS Report Wizard

A wizard supports you in creating and configuring reports and analyses. You will gain detailed documentation about your applications directly in your working environment: coverage and dead code analyses, call trees, cross-reference reports and many more.

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"The guaranteed long-term support of Delta tools is and always was of vital importance for us. This also includes their continuous enhancement to fit new demands, to always be state of the art. An excellent example for this is the comprehensive integration into the standard Eclipse. This perfectly matches our strategy of a modern and future-proof development landscape."
Peter Bauch, COO, B+S Banksysteme

More About ADS on Eclipse

You want to know how to easily perform your application development with ADS under Eclipse? Please get in touch with us.



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