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Being successful already for decades, Delta's generative development system ADS for enterprise back-end applications in COBOL and PL/1 has been used to develop extremely large applications. Decisions about the further development, the modernisation and the orientation of these applications regarding new technologies require profound understanding and reliable assessment of these core applications.

The new ADS 6 focuses on these requirements: ADS 6 improves the understanding of the ADS applications by offering new functions. Language extensions for ADS MACRO simplify the development and maintenance of the application frameworks. Analyses and reports provide reliable information for the assessment.

Delta ADS – Proven Efficiency in the Application Development

Our customers have implemented extremely large applications by using Delta ADS: including billions of generated LOC and hundreds of thousands of programs. According to statements of our customers, only a few developers are needed to maintain and further develop thousands of programs. The development with ADS is stable, reliable and very efficient.

"The new ADS 6 enables us to further improve the efficiency and quality of our software development and maintenance. For example new functions for the detailed documentation and description of the generating process help us to securely and fast perform changes and enhancements on our large scale and complex applications."
Oswald Klackl, Head of Architecture & Quality Management, B+S Banksysteme

Do You Understand Your Software?

Delta ADS applications have grown over a long period. They are an active business value that comprises significant investments. Over time, the knowledge of the implementation often got lost. As a result, the costs for maintenance and usage increase.

With ADS 6 we help you to re-document your applications and to analyse the implemented logic.
This way you understand your software!

Understand Your Software!

"Understanding the existing applications gets more and more important. With ADS 6 we want to provide profound information on the applications to ensure that our customers have a reliable basis for the decisions about the future of their core applications. This information directly results in considerable savings for the development and maintenance of these large applications." says Rüdiger Schilling, CEO, Delta Software Technology.

The New ADS 6 for Even More Productivity in Application Development

ADS 6 provides the functions that help you to better understand your Delta ADS applications. The new functions and language extensions improve the readability and maintainability of the applications. With the new release of ADS the development and maintenance gets even more efficient. ADS 6 provides:

ADS 6 - Product Flyer

ADS 6 and ADS on Eclipse
Increased Efficiency and Quality in the Software Development.

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