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With ADS 6 on SCOUT² you now can comfortably integrate the new functions of ADS 6 into your development processes and thus further improve the development and maintenance of your applications.

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Macro Source Optimizer

ADS 6 provides an extended syntax for ADS MACRO. The Optimize process of SCOUT² allows you to automatically transform single macros or entire collections into the new syntax. You will get better structured and easier to understand macro code.

Post-Generation Debugger

With the Post-Generation Debugger you can exactly follow the generation process of your programs, screens and data access servers in the project context of your SCOUT² environment. You start the Post-Generation Debugger for a selected source of your SCOUT² project. The debugger then starts in a separate window. The dynamic navigation of the Post-Generation Debugger leads you directly to the proper location in the right modules – without any time-consuming, prior setting of breakpoints. You can freely navigate, going backwards and forwards in the generation.

Reports and Analyses

ADS 6 on SCOUT² supports you in the creation and configuration of reports and analyses for macros, programs, screens and data access servers.
You can compile analyses for single sources or entire collections as well as globally for the entire knowledge base: coverage and dead code analyses, call trees, cross-references and much more.
The results of the analyses will be generated as individual HTML documents and stored within your current SCOUT² workspace directory. You can view the reports directly in the SCOUT² preview or in a web browser.



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