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Delta Software Technology is a specialist for generative software tools automating the modernisation, integration, development and maintenance of individual IT applications. We understand business IT as a living organism that is continuously evolving.
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  1. RDWExisting applications have accumulated a lot of technical debt over the years. Removing it could speed up maintenance significantly. In reality the task of improve the software by removing the obsolete parts is seldom performed. The risk of introducing errors and the cost of testing is the biggest reason for not doing anything.

    AMELIO Logic DiscoveryRDW wants to reduce technical debt in its decennia old applications with AMELIO Logic Discovery. Goal is to improve flexibility and make them fit for the future. RDW also profits from the new features in release 2.0.

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  2. Today we have released new versions of the following products:
    - ADS for COBOL (6.4.4) - for all Platforms
    - Generator Engine for IBM z/OS; Windows, Linux,... (6.5.1)
    - AMELIO Logic Discovery (2.1.0)
    You can find more information about new features and fixes in the release notes at the support area of our website:
    Delta Software Technology

  3. Large Financial Service Provider Succeeds in Secure Platform Change with AMELIO Modernization PlatformAway from the Mainframe at the Push of a Button: Delta’s AMELIO Modernization Platform Enables Large Building Society to Replace Platforms Securely

    A leading building society consolidates its platforms and has therefore replaced their IBM mainframe with Red Hat Linux. The migration of the central, strongly interconnected applications, however, involved particular risks, e.g., due to parallel changes and further development. Also, the performance in the new environment was a major concern. With the AMELIO tools from Delta Software Technology, this company successfully migrated its highly critical core application.

    The project management particularly praised the good cooperation with the manufacturer. Delta offered the project at a fixed price and was nevertheless very flexible in responding to special requests. Due to the good cooperation with Delta, the transformed application exactly meets the company's requirements.

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  4. Delta NewsletterNewsletter - Wednesday, 3 March 2021

    Dear Delta Interessent,

    As much as the pandemic restricts us - professionally as well as privately: it creates the opportunity for many companies to tackle long-needed projects in software development.

    The modernisation as well as the re-implementation and maintenance of your applications cause high costs and considerable risks for the operational business. You can reduce costs and, above all, risks through automated solutions.

    Find out today about automated assessments, complete analyses and customised clean-ups that can help you make better use of your resources and reduce risks for your projects.

    We hope you enjoy reading and welcome any feedback!

    Your Delta Software Technology Team


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    • RDW Removes Technical Debts using Delta’s Automated Solution
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  5. Home office and social distancing dominated a large part of this year and required organizational changes. Nevertheless, we managed to implement business-critical projects on time and on budget together with our customers and partners. Once again it has been shown how much can be achieved by using automated solutions.

    Here you will find our Highlights:

    Further Information you will find here...
    Review: Our Highlights 2020


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