Support InformationWe have released new versions of the following products:

  • AMELIO Logic Discovery 2.1.1
  • ADS for COBOL 6.4.4 - for all platforms
  • ADS on Micro Focus Enterprise Developer 7.2.0
  • ADS on Eclipse 7.2.0
  • Generator Engine 6.5.2 for IBM z/OS; Windows, Linux, ...

AMELIO Logic DiscoveryAMELIO Logic Discovery: Better overview faster with new perspectives

Benefit from the new features: Besides the proven perspectives, the new release AMELIO Logic Discovery 2.1 now provides two further perspectives (KnowledgeBase and CallTree) that helps you to (re)gain the knowledge about your applications. Furthermore, we have created the possibility of annotating each artifact in order to secure knowledge and to further facilitate the work in the team.
Do you also want to re-understand your application, remove technical debts like our customer RDW or modernize like the IT service provider msg systems and do you look for a secure way to achieve your goal? Then get in touch with us, we will be happy to show you, using your examples, how you can easily understand your applications and modernize them securely with AMELIO.

Delta ADS on Micro Focus Enterprise DeveloperDelta ADS on Micro Focus Enterprise Developer: Final release available now

With ADS on Micro Focus Enterprise Developer you can standardize your working environments for the application development. ADS on Micro Focus ED integrates all ADS tools seamlessly into your individual development environment.

For this purpose, a suitable function package was created for the Application Workbench Manager (AWM), which helps with the generation on the host and supports the local generation with access to host datasets, e.g. via FTPS.
Micro Focus

Delta ADS on Eclipse: Offers even more

ADS on EclipseADS on Eclipse has been extended with various convenience functions: The ADS XREF view now provides additional information on the generations and the post-generation debugger can be called directly from there. In addition, there is support for the ftp and ftps protocol in search paths.

Besides the development environments mentioned above, the plug-in is also available for other Eclipse-based development environments and for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Further information

Our customers can find detailed information on new functions and corrections in the release notes in the support area of our website.
Request information and updates directly. The list of our current product versions can be found here.


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