A modern development environment is the goal for the software developers of a large insurer. Together with Micro Focus and Delta Software Technology, the insurance company examined the connection of Delta ADS to Micro Focus Enterprise Developer for Z.

Delta ADS for COBOL & PL/IThe insurance company based in Germany successfully uses the Delta ADS for COBOL generator from Delta Software Technology (Delta) for decades. The ADS programs are developed on the host, maintained and then generated in COBOL tailor-made to the customer’s requirements.

In order to provide the developers with a modern development environment, several approaches from various manufacturers were assessed. The long-term goal is to offer Java developers as well as COBOL and Delta ADS developers a uniform platform. The decision was made to perform a more in-depth analysis of Micro Focus Enterprise Developer for Z (Micro Focus EDz) and Delta ADS on Eclipse. The use of Delta ADS on Eclipse has the advantage that it can be integrated directly into all Eclipse-based environments.

Added value created

With the help of Delta ADS on Eclipse (respectively ADS on Micro Focus EDz), the development and maintenance of the Delta programs is greatly simplified and modernized. By using analysis and coverage functions as well as the use of the post-generation debugger, the maintenance is accelerated because the application heirs have easier access to the ADS programs. It is also possible to offload the generation process of the ADS programs to the PC. This saves, among other things, valuable CPU time on the mainframe.

Delta ADS on Micro Focus Enterprise Developer for Z
Delta ADS on Micro Focus Enterprise Developer for Z

Micro FocusThanks to the good partnership between Micro Focus GmbH and Delta, nothing stood in the way of expanding the Delta ADS connection to Micro Focus EDz. The development and generation processes of Delta ADS programs were seamlessly integrated into Micro Focus EDz. This made it possible to provide the insurance company with a uniform solution.

The insurance company has now successfully put this joint solution through its paces and found it to be good. Nothing stands in the way of a long-term use.

Go the same way

Would you also like to provide your developers with a modern and integrated development environment? Get in touch with us, ADS on Eclipse is also available for other Eclipse-based development environments and Microsoft Visual Studio. In addition, active Delta customers receive the upgrade to the latest Delta ADS version free of charge.

Go the same way and simplify the maintenance and development of your Delta ADS applications - the application heirs will thank you.

„For us it is and has always been of crucial importance that the Delta tools are supported in the long term. This also means that they are constantly being developed to meet new requirements, always on the cutting edge of technology. An excellent example of this is the extensive integration into the open standard Eclipse. That fits perfectly into our strategy of a modern and future-proof development landscape.“
Peter Bauch, Management Board, B+S Banksysteme

More about ADS on Eclipse

Would you like to know how you can easily perform your application development with ADS under Eclipse? Please contact us.



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