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PoLITe Project at Fraunhofer IESE – Product Lines in the Center of Research Activities

PoLITeIn collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern, the Fraunhofer IESE investigated various technologies for the efficient implementation of software product lines as part of the project PoLITe (Product Line Implementation Technologies). Fraunhofer IESE is one of the worldwide leading research institutes in the area of software and systems development. The project was supported by the "Stiftung Rheinland-Pfalz für Innovation" (foundation for innovation of Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany).


Fraunhofer IESEOne essential emphasis of the project was the analysis of using frame processors. Frame processors apply Marvin Minsky's frame-slot concept to the description of software, particularly to the generation of source code. There are various frame processors, which differ conceptually very much. The generator language ANGIE, developed by Delta Software Technology, is a frame processor that differs from its competitors by combining generation-specific elements with modern programming language standards. The PoLITe project examined in detail the different concepts and their representatives using the generative development of graphical user interfaces as an exemplary application area.

Please find following the most important project results: 

Emerging Product Line Implementation Technologies"Emerging Product Line Implementation Technologies: C++, Frames, and Generating Graphical User Interfaces"
U. Eisenecker, M. Emrich, C. Endler, M. Schlee

This PoLITe report classifies several technologies, particularly frames, in relation to "Generative Programming". The report provides an introduction into the subject.

Generative Implementation Techniques"Generative Implementation Techniques for C++, Frames, and Graphical User Interfaces"
U. Eisenecker, M. Emrich, C. Endler, M. Schlee

This PoLITe report describes different implementation techniques for "Generative Programming" concepts – for C++ as well as for the usage of frame processors. A detailed survey with many examples.

Generative Programming with Frame Technology"Generative Programming Using Frame Technology"
M. Emrich

The diploma thesis of Marco Emrich presents frames as a generative concept in detail. Various concrete frame technologies and methods are explained and compared with each other.

Generative Programming of Graphical User Interfaces"Generative Programming of Graphical User Interfaces"
M. Schlee

Max Schlee's diploma thesis addresses the generation of graphical user interfaces and presents a GUI generator based on ANGIE.

Delta Software Technology uses ANGIE as the core technology for the product development. This area of application ranges from the development of project-specific generators with HyperSenses to the automated service enablement with the standard product SCORE Adaptive Bridges and the tailor-made modernization of legacy applications with AMELIO Modernization Platform.



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