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Process Families as Core Area of Research

PESOAIn October 2003 the project PESOA (Process Family Engineering in Service-Oriented Applications) started, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology. Participants in this project were:

As a project supported by the Ministry of Research, PESOA was part of the research programme "Software Engineering 2006". Its goal was the reinforcement of Germany as an ideal location for software companies.

HyperSenses works as the main platform for process transformations within PESOA.The main goal of this project was the implementation of a process family engineering platform. Therefore, domain engineering techniques and product line engineering concepts should be applied to processes – further supplemented by generative techniques. In short, we wanted to apply the idea of system families to processes.

The areas of automotive and e-business served as domains for examples of process models. According to this, the concepts developed for PESOA have been applied to and verified with examples from two kinds of processes – technical processes and business processes.

The center of activities was the modeling of variability within processes, as well as the transformation of process models to target platforms.

Process Transformations with HyperSenses

Delta Software Technology undertook the task to implement the generation technologies for PESOA process transformations. Therefore the HyperSenses technology was the main instrument: Because of the differentiation of several modeling levels and comfortable tool support – especially for the development of patterns – HyperSenses is the ideal platform for the implementation of process transformations.

In this context the key goal was the consideration of different process modeling languages and notations. Using HyperSenses, we wanted to handle technical processes as well as business processes. In particular we wanted to import appropriate input data. The transformations should be performed based on a generic process meta-model, i.e. there is a common understanding of process definitions and variability. The support on the one hand of very different output formats and on the other hand of different target platforms is an integral part of the concept of HyperSenses.

Delta regards the usage of its own technologies for the PESOA project as an important seal of approval. The PESOA project resulted in significant advances related to the further development of our core technologies, as well as the commercial products based on them.



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