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Delta Software Technology is a specialist for generative software tools automating the modernisation, integration, development and maintenance of individual IT applications. We understand business IT as a living organism that is continuously evolving.
  1. A large insurer has renovated a key component of its core application with the solutions from Delta Software Technology. Deltas AMELIO-Tools for automated analyses, Code clean-up and re-documentation ensure a future-proof application infrastructure as an easy know-how transfer to the application heirs.

    To solve the issue Delta proposed a automated multi step approach, consisting of code clean-up, thorough analysis of the sources, refactoring, redocumentation and workshops for knowhow transfer.

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  2. A uniform process control and development environment for the different programming languages is the goal of many enterprises. The Bedag Informatik AG modernizes its development environment and combines the development in C# and Delta ADS in a .NET framework under Microsoft Visual Studio.

    Bedag relies on Delta ADS on Visual Studio: Read more here...

  3. Do you want to change or modernize your COBOL or PL/I applications, to consolidate your IT landscape or to replace technologies? According to a study of the Standish Group, 70 – 80 % of the IT development projects exceed deadlines and budgets or even fail entirely.

    If you want to make well-founded and reliable decisions for large change projects and to ensure the success of your projects, you should investigate the possibilities of tailor-made application assessments.

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    Application Assessment

  4. How can you make your COBOL and PL/I applications fit for the future? How can you regain the implemented knowledge and pass it on to new employees?

    The answers were given in a presentation at the spring meeting of the GSE z/OS Guide. The slides are available for you now.

    Learn more about how you can prevent your applications from becoming a costly brake pad.
    Spring-cleaning for Your COBOL and PL/I Applications

  5. Anyone using tools to automate software development needs in-depth knowledge of the methods, methods, and capabilities of the tools. And not just "in principle", but in relation to the concrete environment and task.

    Our training courses and workshops help you to use Delta tools efficiently and to optimise the development of your applications: practice-oriented, taking into account your main focus.

    ADS Basics - ADS for Administrators - ADS Refresher - ADS on Eclipse - ADS What's new
    Here are the new training schedules:
    New ADS (Refresher) Training Courses



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