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Delta Software Technology (Delta) offers you a range of RSS feeds with the latest news about our products and technologies. Start taking advantage of this “active” feature today – there are currently two RSS feeds available:

Delta Software Technology

This RSS feed brings you the latest news from the world of Delta. This feed covers our products, services, events and general activities by, from and for Delta products. If you are already a Delta customer then you will certainly want to subscribe to this feed. If not, and you are generally interested in our model-driven generator-based products, then this feed is just what you are looking for.

Take the quick and easy route to keeping up to date with everything that Delta is doing and the latest information on our range of products:

english RSS feed
RSS Feed: Delta Software Technology (english)

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RSS Feed: Delta Software Technology (deutsch)


"The Small Print"

Delta Software Technology GmbH (Delta) offers you a RSS feed that you can use at no cost, to read in your own RSS feed reader and/or to publish on your own Web site.

The usage of the information published in these RSS feeds may be used for both personal and commercial use. Delta reserves the right, however, to forbid inappropriate use of this material.

If the news from the RSS feed is made available on a Web site then the source of these messages must be clearly attributed to Delta. This can be done by the inclusion of the Delta logo (See XML source file for URL to the logo). Alternatively the source can be attributed as “Source: Delta Software Technology”. Each heading must be directly linked to the associated message.

Delta does not undertake to provide any support for this RSS feed other than to make the XML file available from our Web site. While Delta intends to make new information available on a regular basis there is no guarantee as to the exact update schedule.

Right to Cancel: Delta reserves the right to forbid the inappropriate use of information published in these RSS feeds on any other publicly available Web site.



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