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For ADS on Eclipse and SCOUT² numerous Generation Reports are available that improve understanding applications and significantly improve working with Delta tools.

Generation Reports document e.g.:

  • Which lines of a macros will be used by a program or which lines by all programs?
    This allows to recognize “dead” code blocks. This information helps you to further develop and also to re-develop your macro framework.
  • Which parameter will be addressed in macros und programs and which values are assigned to these parameters?
  • Which files are used in which programs with which file functions?
  • Program calling trees incl. the parameter structures transferred during the calls.

The information in these reports is collected during the program and server generations with ADS release 6.1.

Data Access Server Reports

Generation Reports now also analyze the data access servers generated with DBI.

Detailed information about Data Access Server is provided:

  • Which tables or files are used in these servers?
  • Which virtual or wrapper objects are declared in files servers?
    Which of these aren’t used?
  • Which access methods are offered for the data objects in a server?
  • Which data access servers are used in programs incl. cascaded server calls?

Data Access Server Reports

These reports help to understand the Data Access Server and the application structures, without the need of studying the source code in detail. They offer additional information for the revision or improvement of the access modules and application packages which already exist for decades.

Further Updates for ADS on Eclipse and SCOUT²

Since ADS 6 it is possible to use the modern macro syntax. Now meaningful names can be assigned to parameters, the readability of ADS modules can also be increased with line indentation.

The optimizer enables you to convert your macros, programs, screens and data access servers automatically to the new syntax.

ADS on Eclipse: Optimizer

In the ADS-Eclipse-Editor 6.4 color coding indicate the different syntax type and underlined the messages.

ADS on Eclipse: Farbcodierungen

The file attributes of a module and information about performed generations of this module are listed in a separate Eclipse view. Until now this information had to be collected by separate tools from different sources.

Do you want to get to know the modern development environment ADS on Eclipse or the new functions of SCOUT²? Please let us know.



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