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Newsletter - Thursday, 22nd September 2011
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Welcome to the Delta Newsletter!

At the beginning of our current Newsletter we invite you to the Autumn School in Leipzig. Learn about the automated development of software generators and DSLs using HyperSenses and get more quality for your software development.

Furthermore, we have collected for you the most important questions of our customers about software modernisation and migration and answered them. Software migration is also the subject of our last article: How can the risks be eliminated? Enjoy reading.

Thank very much for your interest in our products and services.

Your Delta Team


1. Leipzig University Autumn School: Automated Development of Software Generators and DSLs

Do you like developing variants of the same application again and again? For every platform, for every client? Locating and eliminating an error in every variant? Changing an application not only in one but, in the worst case, in all variants? In variants that differ more and more from each other due to development? That is not necessary.

Learn about HyperSenses: The efficient development environment for tailor-made software generators. Software generators as separate domain of the model-driven software development provide a high potential to automate software development, e.g. for the production of multi-platform and variant-rich applications. In cooperation with the Institute for Business Information Systems of the Leipzig University, we will give a 2-day practical introduction to the efficient modelling and construction of software generators and DSLs using HyperSenses.

Autumn School, 4-5 October 2011, Leipzig
Automated Development of Software Generators and DSLs...

2. Software Modernisation and Migration: Important Questions and Our Answers

When our customers and prospects discuss the modernisation or platform migration of their applications with us, they not only want to understand the concepts, methods and proceedings of our solutions, but they also want to know more about the resulting possible strategies and alternatives.

We have collected these questions and answers to them for you: 33 pages full of information. Download now...

3. Software-Migration: How to eliminate the risks

How can large, strongly interconnected applications be securely migrated to new platforms and new databases? How can an interruption of the productive business operation be prevented? How can expensive parallel development and maintenance be prevented?
How can you handle these risks? One answer came from one of our customers, a successful IT provider. Read the interview now...




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