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Newsletter - Tuesday, 12th July 2011
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Welcome to the Delta Newsletter!

Our new issue of the Delta Newsletter starts with COBOL. What can you do with your COBOL applications and how can you benefit from them best? Furthermore, we will show you a secure and quick way to successfully start with SOA and the advantages of platform-independent software development.

We would like to draw your attention already today to an event in October: Automated development of software generators and DSLs – a further step towards more quality in the software development. Enjoy reading.

Thank very much for your interest in our products and services.

Your Delta-Team


1. In the Spotlight: COBOL – What next?

COBOL is the language of 80-90% of all productive applications. COBOL applications comprise huge investments, enormous business-specific know-how and decades of experience. The sophisticated applications run error-free and resource-optimized.

But what is next?

  • Profiting from investments through modernisation, integration with new technologies, re-use as services within a SOA?
  • Reducing costs by platform change and database migration?
  • Renewing application architecture and modernising individual layers?
  • Replacing generator systems and COBOL by newer languages like Java or C#?

Click here to find out how you can automate the modernisation, integration, development, change and replacement of COBOL applications with outstanding quality...

2. Modernisation: Out-sourcing Data Accesses and Successfully Starting with SOA

Out-sourcing data accesses from the existing applications into a separate data service layer is one of the most effective ways to make the application functions more flexible.

This type of application transformation ensures a successful start to building a service-oriented architecture that enables you to better support your business processes with flexible application functions.

Our customers tell you about how you can eliminate the risks of the application transformation and increase the quality of your data accesses at the same time.

Find out more...

3. Platform Independence: Cost Reduction at the Push of a Button

Platform-independent development of applications pays off – again and again. Naturally, the advantages are most obvious for platform changes. Changing the platform is a way to quickly reduce costs by migrating the applications from mainframe to PC or Unix/Linux, from old databases to SQL systems, from old front-end technologies to browsers and portals.

If the applications are platform-independent, they can be migrated easily. But the platform-independence is also a valuable advantage at the modernisation and integration of applications.

Read how our customers quickly and securely change platforms and modernize applications...

4. Leipzig University Autumn School: Automated Development of Software Generators and DSL

Domain-specific languages and generative development methods increase the quality and efficiency of the software development. Now, go one step further: Automate the development of software generators and DSLs as well! How? Find out at the Autumn School on 04.-05. October 2011.

As part of the Autumn School we offer - in cooperation with the Institute for Business Information Systems of the Leipzig University - a 2-day practical introduction to the efficient modelling and generation of domain-specific languages and software generators with HyperSenses.

External attendees are welcome. Register now...




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