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Newsletter - Thursday, 12th April 2012
Language: Englisch - Version: NL21012.01

Welcome to the Delta Newsletter!

This summer we will release two new products: the new release of our successful development system ADS and the new Eclipse-based development environment for ADS. Find out now about the new features.

And, we are thrilled about the awarding of HyperSenses, our environment for the development of software generators, as BEST OF 2012!

Enjoy reading.

Your Delta-Team

1. New: ADS 6

This summer, we will publish ADS 6, the new release of our successful development system ADS for back-end applications for COBOL and PL/I.

The new ADS 6 helps you to better understand your ADS applications by new discovery and application mining functions. Language extensions for ADS MACRO simplify the development and maintenance of the application frameworks. Analyses and reports provide reliable information for the assessment of your applications.

The pre-release of ADS 6 is already available.

Get detailed information on the new ADS 6 now...

2. New: ADS on Eclipse

Eclipse is finding its way into many areas of software development.

With the new Eclipse-based IDE for ADS you now can standardize your working environments for the front-end and back-end development.

We will release ADS on Eclipse in summer 2012, the pre-release is already available.

Learn more about ADS on Eclipse...

3. Predicate BEST OF 2012 for HyperSenses

The "Initiative Mittelstand" (Initiative for Small and Medium-sized Businesses) awarded HyperSenses with the predicate BEST OF 2012!

Learn more about why HyperSenses has been awarded...




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