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Newsletter - Thursday, 20th September 2012
Language: Englisch - Version: NL21012.03

Welcome to the Delta Newsletter!

Finally: ADS for COBOL has been released and is now available for all target platforms.

We provide new extensions for the SCOUT² Development Platform to enable comfortable use of the new ADS 6 functions within your project environment. Once again, we present selected functions of the new ADS 6: This time it’s about the reports that help you to better understand your applications and your macro framework.

Furthermore, we demonstrate how easy development of software generators can be. Take a look at our HyperSenses video.

Enjoy reading.

Your Delta Team

1. ADS 6 for COBOL - Final Release

Syntax extensions for ADS MACRO, Macro Source Optimizer, Post-Generation Debugger and Generation Reports help you to better understand the applications developed with ADS and the application frameworks created with ADS MACRO and to further improve your development.

Learn more about how you can use the new function...

2. SCOUT² Extensions for ADS 6

SCOUT² Development Platform supports the new ADS 6 functions with new process types. We help you to smoothly integrate the new processes into your SCOUT² Development Platform. Our customers get these extensions for free as part of their maintenance contract.

Read how you can use the new ADS 6 features for your projects and how easily you can integrate them into your development processes...

3. ADS 6 Reports - Clear View of Usage and Dependencies

The new ADS 6 report functions help you to (re)document your applications and the application frameworks developed with ADS MACRO and they help you to analyse the implemented logic. In this way you understand your software!

You just know more with the new ADS 6 generation reports...

4. HyperSenses Video - Creating Generator and DSL in Less Than 3 Minutes

With HyperSenses you can develop your own software generators including the corresponding DSL very quick and very easy. In our video, we show you how...




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