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INNOVATIONSPREIS-ITThe expert jury of "Initiative Mittelstand" (Initiative for Small and Medium-sized Businesses) awarded AMELIO Logic Discovery with the Award BEST OF 2015!

With the INNOVATION AWARD IT, the “Initiative Mittelstand” awards enterprises whose innovative IT solutions provide an especially high value for small and medium-sized businesses. AMELIO Logic Discovery has particularly convinced the jury and thus belongs to the top group of applications submitted.

AMELIO Logic Discovery

AMELIO Logic DiscoveryAMELIO Logic Discovery extracts the implemented application logic from COBOL and PL/I applications and thereby helps to comprehend them. The discovery of the application logic is performed in three steps – inventory, code optimization and logic analysis. The inventory determines which elements – i.e. programs, interfaces and data structures as well as dependencies between them – build the application. Elements relevant to be maintained or needed to be comprehend get determined during the optimisation phase, e.g. dead code is detected, documented if applicable and removed. The information provided by the preceding steps is used by the logic analysis to gain models which are independent from programming languages as well as from programming paradigms. Thereby the application logic is extracted and comprehensible represented.

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