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With Delta ADS, you are developing your enterprise back-end applications platform-independently in order to subsequently generate them in COBOL and/or PL/I for a specific target platform. To this end, you are using Microsoft Windows, Unix or mainframe systems as development environments.

Delta ADS 6 now offers you new functions and language extensions to help you to evolve and maintain your applications even more efficiently.

After we made ADS 6 available for development environments on Microsoft Windows platforms, we now provide ADS 6 also for the development on Unix platforms.

ADS Development on Unix Systems

This new Version of ADS 6 is available for IBM AIX and diverse other Linux and Unix systems. It is suitable for all customers who

  • Develop on Unix systems for one or more Unix systems as target platform (generation on Unix for Unix)
  • Develop on Unix systems for one or more mainframe systems as target platform (cross-generation on Unix for mainframe)
  • Want to relocate their application development from mainframe systems to Unix systems, regardless of the production environments where the applications are executed.

Get to Know the New ADS 6 on Unix Now

We would like to introduce the new ADS 6 on Unix to you and to help you optimise your development with Delta ADS. Get to know ADS 6 on Unix now.

Delta ADS 6

You will find further information about the advantages of ADS 6 here.

„The new ADS 6 enables us to further improve the efficiency and quality of our software development and maintenance. For example, new functions for the detailed documentation and description of the generating process help us to securely and fast perform changes and enhancements on our large scale and complex applications."
Oswald Klackl; B+S Banksysteme; Head of Architecture & Quality Management

ADS 6 - Product Flyer

ADS 6 and ADS on Eclipse
Increased Efficiency and Quality in the Software Development.

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