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Many companies are struggling against increasing costs resulting from the parallel use of different database technologies, the dwindling know-how and the growing expenditure for the further development and maintenance of the large and complex applications that ensure their daily business.

As an example for the consolidation of database systems, we explain the possibilities for replacing IBM IMS databases:


Updating the development tools often collides with the project work. Why change something that works? But there are good reasons to update to the current versions:

  • Old product versions cause higher costs.
  • New features accelerate the development.
  • Error corrections avoid workarounds that make the next update more difficult.

You do not know how much your individual installations differ from the standard products and how to determine dependencies and efforts? We help you to update to the current product versions quickly and easily.

Today we have released the new version of the following product:

  • ADS on Eclipse 6.7.4

You can find more information about new features and fixes in the release notes at the support area of our website.

Get information and updates right now. You’ll find the list of our current product versions here:


Today we have released new versions of the following products:
- AMELIO Logic Discovery 1.4.0
You can find more information about new features and fixes in the release notes at the support area of our website:


AMELIO Modernization Platform

New technical demands and legal regulations as well as new technologies and modernization projects frequently require the modification of the large productive legacy applications. The necessary mass changes in the COBOL and PL/I applications that have grown over decades cause high costs and are a risk for the ongoing business operation.

If you have large legacy applications in your organisation, you certainly should know about the possibilities of AMELIO.

AMELIO Modernization Platform drastically reduces the risks and costs of platform changes, application modernisations and database migrations because AMELIO completely automates the changes.

Read more: AMELIO Modernization Platform slashes Risks and Costs for Modernization and Migration



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