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SollacSollac (ArcelorMittal), a member of the affiliated group Usinor, the worldwide market-leading company in the iron- and steel industry, has been using the products of Delta Software Technology since 1986. Applications for industrial manufacturing were implemented with ADS on the HP (Tandem) NonStop platform.

In the course of 2001, Sollac once again confirmed its faith in the products of Delta Software Technology. Particularly to be highlighted here are the latest innovative products: the extensive and multifunctional development platform SCOUT² and the excellent tool for integrating applications, SCORE Integration Suite.

The development environment was moved from the HP NonStop host to PCs and nowadays, the developers are very satisfied with their new working environment – SCOUT².

Since the beginning of September 2002, the development team at Sollac is also enabled to test their application software using the target system Fujitsu COBOL, allowing them to comprehensively test in the Windows-based development environment before generating the programs for the actual NonStop production platform.

Next, Sollac intends to update their applications by replacing the previous application client by a Java Front-end. OSS will be used as the operating system on the existing HP NonStop platform, with NonStop Tuxedo introduced as the middleware. This project will be implemented using SCORE Integration Suite with the generation targets Java and Tuxedo.