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MIAG C.V., BaarIn the "Settlement Porting" project MIAG C.V., Baar smoothly migrated an important application from an IBM VSE mainframe with CA-DATACOM to IBM AIX with Oracle. In this project ADSplus showed one of its greatest strengths: the ability to generate code for different target platforms from a single application specification.

“With this migration project we have achieved multiple objectives within the budgeted time and cost. The complete application was transferred from a host-based environment to a client-server platform with the addition of a GUI interface for the end users. The host environment was completely replaced. Using Delta products allowed the migration to quickly and efficiently proceed with the vast majority of the work being at the purely technical level.”

Silvio Hasler, Project Leader, MIAG C.V., Baar

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For more information about the MIAG C.V., Baar case study please see the Web site of our partner for Switzerland and Liechtenstein: SAXOS Informatik AG.