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SCOREQuotes about SCORE Data Architecture Integration - Data as real business services: fast, easy and independent of data architectures and management systems.


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The Netherlands, Groningen

Eric Martens
Project Manager

"The fact that we did platform, database and application architecture transformation in one step was way beyond what we expected to be possible. SCORE Data Architecture Integration proved to be the robust and reliable product we needed to keep our data secure and available during this project."

"Delta proposed a completely different scenario. They suggested producing with SCORE Data Architecture Integration one data service for each and every program, in a first step even for our old Unisys OS 2200 platform. Our applications would access the RDMS data on Unisys OS 2200 through these services only.
This also meant that we started our project with a modernization phase on the existing platform."

"After our application architecture had been modernized that way, the next step could take place:
Moving our applications to the new Microsoft Windows platform but leaving the data access services on the Unisys OS 2200, accessing them through the remote access options of SCORE Data Architecture Integration. As programs modernized to use the SCORE data services for the data accesses and non-modernized programs interoperated perfectly by means of automatically produced facades, we were able to modernize small clusters one after each other bringing them into production. This made it possible to start our migration project without the need of having the landing platform defined and available at this phase of our migration."

Marcel Rozema
Senior Architect

"SCORE's configurable nature enabled us to implement a database error handling registration that cooperated with our old error handling. Modernized and not yet modernized programs did share that part of their functionality. Also the fact that we could decide how and with what middleware the remote solution would be implemented was an important bonus for us."

"When Delta suggested using SCORE Data Architecture Integration to develop data access services instead of changing the existing SQL CALL interface code in our existing programs to Embedded SQL, we first had to think about that. In the end the solution has proven to be a key factor that enabled us a smooth step by step migration. Besides, the automated approach that comes with SCORE Data Architecture Integration has improved the quality of the data accesses in our programs."

Wiebrand Rispens
Senior Architect

"SCORE Data Architecture Integration also influenced the quality of our software development. In the old situation our programmers had to decide what programs were affected by a database change and had to implement the changes by hand. Using SCORE with its automated approach all relevant data access services are checked against a change in the data model and only if there is a compatibility issue a programmer is needed to carry out the necessary changes. As a result of this we have much more certainty that our programs are correctly using the database."

Geert Pater
ICT Manager Architecture & Innovation

"SCORE Data Architecture Integration enabled us to free our application portfolio from its database dependence. Its comprehensive support of distributed applications and automated production of data services for the different mainframe (UNISYS RSA RDMS) and open systems (Microsoft SQL Server) allowed a smooth migration without risk."

Gerard Doll
Director ICT

"Working with the people from Delta proved to be a very good choice. They delivered when other companies couldn't. From RDW's point of view Delta is a highly dedicated company with an even higher level of expertise."



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