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This section of the Web site provides a look back at some of the product highlights since Delta’s first application development product was released in 1976.

  • 2017
    AMELIO Logic Discovery 1.5.0
    ADS 6 for Unix Systems
  • 2016
    AMELIO Logic Discovery 1.3
    ADS on Eclipse 6.7
  • 2015
    ADS on Eclipse 6.6
    AMELIO Logic Discovery 1.0
    SCORE Adaptive Bridges 4.10
    SCORE Data Architecture Integration 4.10
    HyperSenses® 3.0j
  • 2014
    ADS on Eclipse 6.2
    ADS on Visual Studio 6.2
    SCORE Adaptive Bridges 4.9
    SCORE Data Architecture Integration 4.9
    ADS for COBOL 6.2
    ADS for PL/I 6.2
    SCOUT² Enterprise Edition 4.6
    HyperSenses® 3.0h
  • 2013
    ADS 6.1 for COBOL and PL/I
    ADS on Eclipse 6.1
    ADS on IBM RDz
    ADS on Micro Focus EDz
    ADS on SCOUT²
    AMELIO® Logic Discovery
    HyperSenses® 3.0d
  • 2012
    ADS 6.0
    ADS on Eclipse 6.0
    HyperSenses® 3.0b
  • 2011
    HyperSenses® 3.0
    SCOUT²Development Platform 4.5
    SCORE® Data Architecture Integration for Informix
  • 2010
    SCORE® Adaptive Bridges 4.6
    SCORE® Data Architecture Integration 4.6
  • 2009
    ADSplusfor Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET
    SCORE® Data Architecture IntegrationforMicrosoft SQL Server with Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET
  • 2008
  • 2007
    SCOUT²Development Platform Release 4.2
  • 2006
    AMELIO® ModernizationPlatform for automated mass changes for large application systems SCORE®DataArchitecture Integration™ for Unisys RDMS RSA
  • 2005
    SCORE® Transformation Factory™ for Legacy Modernization
    SCORE® Adaptive Bridges™ for IBM CICS, IBM WebSphere
    SCORE® Adaptive Bridges™ for Oracle WebLogic, JBoss
  • 2004
    SCOUT²™ Development Platform version 4.0
    SCORE® Adaptive Bridges™ for Enterprise Portals
    SCOUT²™ Software Development Process Optimization Pack
    SCORE® Adaptive Bridges™ Solution Pack for Delta Applications
  • 2003
    SCORE® Transformation Suite™ for legacy transformation
  • 2002
    Pattern By Example™ released as freeware for pattern development
    ANGIE Generation Now!™ released as freeware for frame-based generation
  • 2000
    SCORE® Integration Suite™ for Model Driven Legacy Integration™
    SCOUT²™ Development Platform for complex cross-platform projects
    ADSplus™ as latest version of Delta/ADS™ and Delta/DBI™
  • 1998
    New products based on ANGIE Frame-Based Generator™
  • 1996
    AMELIO®/2000 for Year 2000 remediation projects
  • 1993
    ObjectBridge® for connecting object-oriented clients with servers
    New products based on ROOT generation technology using AI and Prolog
  • 1992
    Delta ToolManager™ for Windows-based development
  • 1988
    Delta/DBI™ for platform independent database access
  • 1987
    Delta Workbench™ for MS-DOS based development
  • 1986
    AMELIO® for restructuring COBOL programs
  • 1983
    Delta/ADS™-Online for online program development
  • 1980
    Delta/ADS™-Batch for batch program development
  • 1976
    Delta/DETAB™ for decision table processing
    Delta/SPP™ for structured programming
    Generator technology based on Processor Development Language (PDL)