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The Perfect Way to Better Software: 
Automated Software Development, Integration and Modernisation

Delta Software Technology is a specialist for generative development tools that automate the modernisation, integration, development and maintenance of individual IT applications.

We pave the perfect way to better software for you. Our customers use our solutions for more than 40 years to increase the productivity and quality of the development, integration and modernisation of their IT applications and software generators by automation.

"Software for Software"

Delta solutions are “Software for Software”. We offer you:

  • calculable costs due to tool-based solutions instead of service/outsourcing approaches
  • independency, because our tools help to avoid vendor-lock-ins and footprints
  • sustainable investment security, future-proof by stepwise proceeding with early results and without dead-ends but with the possibility to revise decisions and to change strategies halfway
  • increased productivity and quality methodology and maximised automation

We support and accompany you on this way step by step. With Delta Software Technology you automatically produce better software. 

  • AMELIO Logic Discovery - Comprehending COBOL- and PL/I-Applications: Cut costs and risks for maintenance, modernization and re-implementation.
  • AMELIO Modernization Platform – The tailor-made factory for the modernisation of large IT applications: 100% automatically and that's why it is safe, reliable and error-free.
  • HyperSenses– Integrated system for model driven development of DSLs and software generators.
  • SCORE Adaptive Bridges – Intelligent service enablement for the reuse of proven applications with modern technologies: flexible, profitable and non-invasive.
  • SCORE Data Architecture Integration – Data as real business services: fast, easy and independent of data architectures and management systems.
  • SCOUT² Development Platform – Optimized and integrated development processes across all software components, tools and platforms: Stop the “fight against the infrastructure”.
  • ADS Application Development for COBOL and PL/I – Platform independent development for future-proof back-end applications.

Leading organisations in the banking and insurance market, mail and telecom providers, industrial enterprises, public administrations, software companies and system integrators in Europe and all over the world increase the quality and productivity of the development, integration and modernisation of individual software applications by using our solutions:

ADAC, ArcelorMittal, AquilaHeywood, AMP, B+S Banksysteme, Daimler, DBV-Winterthur, Datenzentrale Baden-Württemberg, Deutsche Bundesbank, Deutsche Telekom, Generali, Goldman Sachs, Grupo Edson Queiroz, Hütte Krupp Mannesmann, La Poste, Liechtensteinische Landesbank, Logica E&U Solutions, MAN, METRO, One Steel, RDW, Schorch, SmartStream, Sollac, Suva, Swisscom, T-Systems, UBS, Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse und viele andere.

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The Perfect Way to Better Software
Productivity Solutions from Delta Software Technology
Delta Software Technology is a specialist for generative software tools that automate the development, integration and modernisation of individual IT applications.

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