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Replacing legacy platforms is an important step to prepare the core business applications for future requirements. The old platforms are expensive, they have a limited life expectancy and experts are increasingly hard to find. Software migration and platform change are a way to quickly reduce costs and to preserve the investments in the existing core applications.

But, the price to be paid for these advantages is often to high due to the efforts for changing and testing the productive applications. The migration of complex and highly interconnected mainframe applications requires mass changes. Many companies believe that re-platforming is not realizable because transforming and testing the applications and keeping them productive at the same time leads to a dead-lock for the projects. Without using the right tools, mass changes are risky, expensive and obstruct other development projects.

Only a 100% Automation of All Changes Guarantees Quality and Safety

The applications and databases on mainframes and other legacy platforms implement important operational core applications – running error-free after years of investment. They also meet the business requirements better than standard packages could ever do. If "only" the technology for data accesses, transaction handling, interfaces, connection to presentation frameworks, etc. changes, this does not justify the new development of the applications.

But manual changes – also single ones – endanger the stability and functionality of the applications, and are expensive to test. Mass changes often block important further developments for a long time. That's why with our solutions we rely on full automation of all changes. With AMELIO Modernization Platform, Delta Software Technology provides a software migration solution that

  • offers highest quality, because all changes are made 100% automatically –error-free
  • is tailored to your requirements and incorporates all specifics of your applications
  • produces no dependencies (no footprint, no vendor-lock-in)
  • slashes testing efforts – by Meta-Level-Testing
  • guarantees the integrity and functionality of your applications at any time
  • allows undisturbed further development and maintenance
  • permits strategy changes even during the migration

No Footprint

Our tools migrate mainframe applications from Siemens, Unisys, Bull, ICL and many more onto Unix, Microsoft Windows, IBM or other new platforms. We also support you in making your applications platform-independent. You will gain flexibility and safety – so the next platform change will be easier to perform. 

After the migration your legacy applications will run on your new platform in the proven functionality and quality– as if they were developed for this new platform from the beginning – with no footprint and no vendor-Lock-in .

AMELIO Modernization Platform

With AMELIO Modernization Platform we support the modernization, migration and transformation for different platforms, languages, technologies and architectures.

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