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Database Migration and Modernisation

Relational databases form the backbone of every modern business application. They are the foundation for flexible data analyses, the stored data is the basis for business decisions, the speed of the analyses has a direct influence on business decisions. The migration of the important legacy data, databases and the closely related applications to modern SQL databases clears the way for the flexible use of data. In addition to innovation, the database migration is triggered by re-hosting and consolidation issues for the different data management systems.

In most cases, the access code is closely linked with the business logic, so replacing the database system is difficult. Solutions which are not automated far enough and which allow manual changes are failing. Problems are paradigm changes when replacing hierarchic or network databases, call interfaces vs. embedded SQL and the amount of the changes that have to be implemented consistently.

With AMELIO Modernization Platform we support the modernisation for the most different database systems and offer a migration solution that

  • performs all changes 100% automatically – error-free
  • executes True Conversion – old DBMS paradigms will not be transferred into the new environment
  • produces no dependencies (no footprint)
  • slashes testing efforts – by full automation
  • guarantees the integrity and functionality of your applications at any time
  • allows undisturbed further development and maintenance
  • permits strategy changes even during the migration

Optional Additions: Modernising Your Applications

Our solutions support you in case you also want to modernise your applications when changing the database. Some of the options are

  • architecture transformation – automatically transfer data accesses into separate layer (Access-Layer)
  • service enablement – providing data accesses as real (Java, C#) business services
  • cross platform data accesses

AMELIO Modernization PlatformAMELIO Modernization Platform

Our solutions have allowed numerous customers to fully automatically migrate their databases, e.g. from IBM IMS/DB to DB2 or Unisys 2200 RSA RDMS to Microsoft SQL. You also can migrate your proprietary, non-standard databases and DB accesses to modern databases fully automated. Your legacy applications will work with the new database system in the proven functionality and quality – as if they were developed for this DBMS right from the beginning.

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