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Drivers: Business and Technology

Software modernisation projects are initiated by two types of requirements.  The first comes from a business perspective, like mobility, new business services, new frontends, Unicode and the like. The second results from a technological point of view and aims at cloud computing, re-hosting, database migration, language transformation  and such purposes. Compared with rebuilding or buying the needed software, the modernisation option is the least risky and most cost effective solution – as long as you do not allow manual changes.

What a Modernisation Solution has to fulfill

Both types of projects have an enormous impact on the organization. It goes without saying that the solution has to fulfill your specific requirements and that it has to deliver utmost quality, i.e. zero-defect. Additionally a solution has to fulfill the following conditions.

  • The project should be made up of separate steps with well defined results which already bring value to the organization in the early stages of the project.
  • Normal maintenance and development should be allowed to continue during these steps.
  • The project itself should not have point of no return. Strategy changes have to be possibly any time.
  • A smart test strategy is essential so that testing will not be the bad end of the project.
  • The results of the modernisation should be future proof and must not produce dependencies (no vendor lock-ins, no footprint).

All this – and much more – can be accomplished with our automated modernisation solutions.

Information About Your Modernisation Project

What do you want to achieve? What are your requirements? Send us your Request for Information (RFI) for your modernisation project and we will explain possible approaches, costs, impacts and necessary resources. You can get in touch with other organizations and profit from their experiences with our solutions for fully automated software modernisation.

Modernise with highest quality: error-free modernisation of business applications - by a 100% automation of all changes.

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