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COBOL applications comprise huge investments, enormous business-specific know-how and decades of experience. The sophisticated applications run error-free and resource-optimized. They support the business-critical processes, they still are continually in further development in order to fulfil new requirements and to add new functions.

There are many reasons for migrating, modernising, transforming or completely replacing the COBOL or legacy applications:

  • Reducing platform costs by migrating to more cost-effective platforms, COBOL compilers etc.
  • Using new SQL databases or integrating with the existing databases
  • Replacing old file systems and databases, e.g. Bull IDS2, IBM DL/1, IBM IMS/DB, ICL IDMS, Fujitsu UDS, Fujitsu Leasy, HP RDB, Software AG Adabas, ISAM and VSAM files, and others
  • Providing business logic and data functions as services for new applications
  • Increasing flexibility and security by introducing a modern application architecture
  • Modernising or replacing old user interfaces to adapt them to the graphical interfaces of modern applications
  • Replacing COBOL by modern languages like Java, C# and others
  • Replacing self-developed or commercial generator systems, e.g. Pacbase, SWT, PowerBuilder and others
  • and many more

Delta Tools Automate the Modernisation, Integration and Development of COBOL Applications

Following our motto “The Perfect Way to Better Software” and with our more than 30 years of experience, we provide solutions that automate the modernisation, integration and development of COBOL applications. All our solutions offer you the following advantages:

  • Strong automation, in many areas up to 100%
  • Future proof, no dead-ends
  • No Vendor-lock-ins, no dependencies
  • Tool-based solutions instead of service / outsourcing solutions
  • Stepwise proceeding with early and measurable results
  • Outstanding quality

We provide productivity solutions for your COBOL applications for the following areas.


Mass changes



Data integration

Language transformation


Migration of COBOL Applications

You want to change the platform for your COBOL applications? From Bull, Fujitsu, ICL, IBM, Tandem, Unisys or other mainframes to more cost-effective open systems like Unix, Linux or Microsoft Windows? You want to replace operating systems, TP monitors, old file systems and databases, for example Bull IDS2, IBM DL/1 or IMS/DB, ICL IDMS, Fujitsu UDS, Fujitsu Leasy, Software AG Adabas, HP RDB, ISAM and VSAM files, and others?

We offer you a fully automated, error-free migration that provides future-proof applications that look as if they have been developed for the new system platform.

You will find detailed information on platform migration here:


Mass Changes of COBOL Applications

Maintenance and compliance requirements, data definition changes, application remediation, introduction of Unicode, platform change and many other reasons require mass changes across the large, complex and highly interconnected productive IT applications.

Manual changes are the (main) cause for the failure of such change projects. They exacerbate the risks regarding quality, adherence to delivery dates and costs.

We offer you a production line that is exactly tailored to your requirements and 100% automates your mass changes and performs them error-free. All impacts and dependencies will be considered across all layers. There won’t be any manual changes. The process is quick, safe and repeatable. The integrity and functionality of your applications will be ensured continuously. Development and maintenance can be continued in parallel and without limitations, the changed modules will be easily integrated into the change process. Testing efforts will be reduced drastically due to the full automation.

You find detailed information on our solution for fully automated mass changes:


Modernisation of COBOL Applications

Actual modernisation of COBOL applications that goes beyond a simple face-lift generally leads to a comprehensive transformation of the application architecture. This includes, for example, building a layered architecture, extracting data accesses into a separate service layer, unhinging front-ends, re-using application functions as services.

We offer you a fully automated, stepwise modernisation that is perfectly tailored to your individual modernisation requirements and that delivers measurable results early. The targeted transformation will be performed in the way that it directly takes the future application architecture into account. You will be able to replace old techniques, development paradigms and components in a secure way. You will obtain clearly structured, stable and flexible applications. You will obtain applications that also stand the next and the next but one changes. We automate real paradigm changes, even for old or self-developed generator systems and make sure that the maintenance and development of your applications won’t be blocked and the on-going business operation won’t be endangered – without the dreaded vendor lock-in.

You find detailed information on automated application modernisation here:


Re-use of COBOL Applications

Why re-write everything? Faster success can often be achieved by re-using COBOL applications and application functions as services. Back-end applications and functions are particularly suitable for this.

We offer you the opportunity to build flexible and highly performant bridges between different architectures, paradigms, languages and platforms - of course fully automatically. We offer you automatic service enablement for business and data functions. We automatically generate the bridges (adapters) to ensure that you can use your existing COBOL applications as services quickly, securely and flexibly.

You find detailed information on our automatic service enablement here:


Integration of File Systems and Databases

COBOL applications often process data that is distributed over different file systems or over hierarchic, network and SQL databases. That is why the development is complex, time-consuming and inflexible. New information requirements cannot be met fast enough.

We offer you the automated data integration for your COBOL applications. Automatically generated data services deliver their information, i.e. data or data supplemented with functionality, independently of the underlying databases and other file or data management systems. You can quickly provide data and information for your applications as flexible services. Furthermore, our solution ensures that platform-specific details are cleanly encapsulated and all access code is generated automatically.

You find detailed information on our automatic data integration here:



Language Transformation

Of course there are reasons that speak for the replacement of COBOL. Experienced COBOL developers are harder to find, the support for classic platforms becomes more expensive or will be stopped.

The language transformation from COBOL to Java or from COBOL to C# is complex, elaborated and risky. An automatic language transformation can help you to quickly and securely provide the application logic and flow of your legacy COBOL applications in Java or C#.

We offer you an automatic COBOL migration that drastically reduces the risks and the effort for a language transformation from COBOL to Java or from COBOL to C#.

You find further information on the automatic language transformation here



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