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Whether your data is distributed over different systems (file systems, hierarchic, network, SQL databases) or it is available consolidated in a single data management system, data rarely exists as is required by an application. Depending on applications, architectures and – not at least – the developer's preferences, the data will be prepared and provided with different methods: Using stored procedures, copy books, separate data access modules, class libraries or the applications themselves. This diversity makes the development and maintenance of the already complex applications even more difficult.

Generative Development for Performant Persistency Layers

In the area of programming data accesses and handling different data architectures, the automation of the development results in a particularly increased efficiency. Generative tools help you to develop data services quickly by automatically generating the entire access code and cleanly encapsulating all platform-specific details. New requirements can be met faster by automation. Even standards can be implemented easier.

Our generative tools ensure

  • more quality in the development by automating the implementation of all technical aspects
  • more agility of the applications because they can be adapted faster to new requirements
  • more platform and technology independence, because logic and technique are cleanly decoupled
  • more innovation, because new technologies can be used faster and with less risk

Intelligent Service Enablement for Your Data

Why should data services look different from business services? Our tools help you to quickly and easily provide data as real business services - from any sources and from different platforms. Using SCORE Data Architecture Integration, your applications will be independent from database management systems. You can

  • quickly and easily provide data from different sources as real business services within a service-oriented application architecture (SOA)
  • develop high-performance persistency layers
  • change database management systems and databases– without any risk for your applications.

Read more about SCORE Data Architecture Integration now

Further products that can help you to modernise your applications or to simplify development:

  • AMELIO Modernization Platform – the factory for the fully automated application transformation, if you want to make your existing applications independent from DBMS or to implement separate persistency layers
  • SCORE Adaptive Bridges – to automate the development of distributed applications by generative implementation



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