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Services Don't Just Pop Out of Thin Air

Making existing application functions available in new contexts as (business) services is the quickest way to flexibly support your business processes with new IT functions.

However: flexible, reusable services do not just pop out of thin air! They have to be developed and maintained. Different architectures, development paradigms, languages and platforms have to be brought together:




Business processes


Database transactions

Loose coupling


Tight coupling

Stateless Consumer


Stateful Provider




These pairs of terms make clear that the scope is broader than just interface transformation and connectivity. What is needed is a sustainable interaction between the architectural concepts. The increasing pace of business process development, the size and complexity of the existing core applications, as well as the high demands regarding security and quality – these all call for a methodical approach with the highest possible degree of automation for the development of services.

Intelligent Services Prevent Development Backlog

Intelligent, adaptive services look after their own technical implementation. Our tools automate intelligent service enablement. They help you to develop services faster and to quickly provide them on the basis of existing functions. Using intelligent business services that flexibly adapt to their environment enables you to speed up and enhance support for your business processes.

With SCORE Adaptive Bridges you can quickly and securely provide your mission-critical core applications – developed in COBOL, PL/I, C, or other languages – as real services for new applications, written e.g. in Java, C# or other modern languages.

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