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Stop Fighting the Infrastructure

Development is more efficient if not every developer has to worry about technical details. Our tools help you to consolidate your software development processes across all platforms and to discharge the technical ballast.

Individual Variety Within a Standard Environment

A large number of different tools is used for the development of modern applications, partly even on different platforms. Using these different tools requires a comprehensive tool and platform-specific know-how. Synchronising the environment is laborious and error-prone, the provenance of artefacts is often not traceable. Transitions between individual tools and platforms, between work groups and roles are time-consuming.

Every enterprise has its own specific development processes that cannot simply be changed. Our tools support you in

  • configuring development processes in an individual and audit-proof way
  • seamlessly embedding different platforms, development tools and source management systems
  • flexibly adapting to processes changes
  • smoothly coordinating the cooperation of roles and groups

Consolidated Development Processes Without Technical Ballast

SCOUT² Development Platform helps you to improve the quality of your development: SCOUT² enables you to develop your software development faster and safer. It is based on the clear separation of the logical process definitions from the physical implementation of the development processes for the respective platform. In this way, you can consolidate your development processes across platforms and discharge them from technical ballast.

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