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Software Generators Prevent Application Backlog

A worldwide immensely high application backlog and the associated huge demand for software development calls for a productivity increase, for automation and thus for generators. Product lines – variant families of applications – play an increasing role. Besides the automotive and eBusiness sector, this is now particularly visible in the strongly growing market for mobile devices like cell phones, tablet PC’s etc. needing to provide "apps" for the most different platforms – from Android over iOS to Windows Phone, but also at traditional business applications, for different clients, platforms etc.

Requirements on Tools for the Generator Development

Approved modeling and development methods should also be used for the development of software generators:

  • Model-driven development – as a basis for an „industrialisation“ of the software development
  • Model-driven development – independent of languages and paradigms, focused on the definition of the solution, not of the implementation
  • Automated derivation of domain-specific languages (DSL’s) – for the configuration of specialized generators for the easy development of variants
  • Economic efficiency of the generator development and usage

(MD)² - Model Driven Meta Development

With HyperSenses Delta Software Technology provides a model-driven software development environment where you can model and generate domain-specific generators yourself: Software generators as domains in model-driven software development – providing all the known advantages. Model-driven development provides a higher efficiency, a higher quality and secures the maintainability. Thereby, the development and use of generators are economically reasonable even for small and specialized tasks/projects.

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