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Using our tools, organisations of all branches automate the development, integration, modernization and analysis of their individually developed software applications.

  • Automated Software Development: Creating high-performance data services with just a few clicks, generating software for different variants and/or platforms, accelerating (product line) development through individual software generators
  • Flexible Software Integration: Reusing legacy functions in service-oriented architectures, building composite applications from applications with different architectures and development paradigms, creating new business services, joining different database architectures
  • Secure Software Modernization: Implementing extensive changes and architecture transformations for large-scale IT applications risk-free and in parallel to the development and to the productive business operation – 100% automatically and error-free
  • Individual Software Analysis: Extracting relevant information instead of unmanageable amounts of data as well-founded basis for optimization and re-development

Delta Software Technology

Using our generative software tools you can measurably increase the quality and flexibility of your IT applications. You can enhance the support of your business processes, implement new requirements faster - and cut costs.
We offer

  • calculable costs due to tool-based solutions instead of service/outsourcing approaches
  • independency, because our tools help to avoid vendor-lock-ins and footprints
  • sustainable investment security, future-proof by stepwise proceeding with early results and without dead-ends but with the possibility to revise decisions and to change strategies halfway
  • increased productivity and quality through mature methodology and maximised automation

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