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Advanced developers and administrators need a deeper understanding of Delta ADS's generative technology, in particular of the macro technology.

This course is intended for IT staff who coordinate the use of ADS tools, develop and implement programming guidelines, or require knowledge for the development of application frameworks.

Training Objectives

The participants gain thorough experience with the ADS macro technology and the possibilities to support application programming and setting standards for the of ADS applications development.


Technical foundation and basics

  • Building block concept
  • Content and significance of standard macros

Macro language

Usage and possibilities of MACRO

  • Immediate and deferred macro calls
  • Stand-alone application

Implementation of enterprise and project specific standards

  • Macros for data encapsulation with FILE
  • Macros and DBI
  • Connection to the standard macro set

Macro analysis and documentation using MALIST

Exercises and examples

Target Audience

Administrators, ADS supervisors (global and project-related), technical application support, project managers


3 days


  • 05-07/06/2018
  • 13-15/11/2018


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We are happy to work with you to analyse, design and plan your specific training requirements.
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