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HyperSenses - Tutorial: Getting Started
Language: Englisch - Version: MA21598.03

With HyperSenses, Delta has made a Model Driven Software Development Environment especially for the domain of the software generators. In this way it is possible to develop high quality generators for even small or specialized tasks in a cost effective and maintainable way.

Learn about HyperSenses - the tool for the model-driven development of software generators. Our tutorial introduces you to the elements of HyperSenses (Meta model, pattern, configuration, DSL, ...). Have a look at our small HyperSenses exercise.

Example taken from DotNetPro magazine, issue 2/2011 "Programme zeichnen oder beschreiben" (“Designing or describing programs") by Mykola Dobrochynskyy (available only in German!)

After installing HyperSenses, you will find this and another Tutorial within the Startmenu (Start/Programs/Delta/Online Documentation/HyperSenses).




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