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Newsletter - Thursday, 26th March 2015
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Dear Delta Interessent,

Modernization - a trendy spring cleaning only? More, much more: Modernization in our world of IT is a permanent, a central theme, and – a challenge.

In a strategic partnership CGI and Delta thus concentrate their expertise, tools and automation techniques in order to offer compelling solutions for modernization tasks, even extremely complex such tasks.

Success proven: When modernizing its core applications BSQ Bauspar AG decides for CGI and Delta.

Last, not least: AMELIO Logic Discovery – “Best of 2015” awarded by the “Initiative Mittelstand”, and presented at the GSE Working Group “European Enterprise Modernization for z/OS” in Paris.

We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to your feedback.

Your Delta Software Technology Team


Partnership with CGI Germany

1. Partnership with CGI Germany

For the past 2 years we worked with CGI, when it comes to modernization and outsourcing projects.

Delta Software Technology's tools for application analysis (AMELIO Logic Discovery) and fully automatic transformations (AMELIO Modernization Platform) are an important part of the consulting approach of CGI.

CGI is the world's fifth largest independent provider of IT- and business process services with 68.000 employees, including 2.300 in Germany, at 400 locations worldwide.

More about our first cooperation project can be found in our article "Modernization Project at BSQ Bauspar AG"...

Modernization Project at BSQ Bauspar AG

2. Modernization Project at BSQ Bauspar AG

CGI Germany selects Delta Software Technology as partner for the modernization project at BSQ Bauspar AG.

BSQ Bauspar AG plans to migrate its core application package. The project includes also the migration of the complete infrastructure. Particular attention will be paid to the transformation of the database management system IMS/DB to a relational database management system. CGI Germany was chosen as general contractor for this modernization project. Delta will provide the technology for the automated migration...

GSE Guide Share Europe

3. GSE European Working Group in Paris

GSE Enterprise Modernization for zOS: "How to really understand COBOL and PL/I applications"

Modernising large and complex applications is a tuff business.

How do you obtain reliable information on the current implementation? How do you get a clear view on the code structures? How do you identify code that’s no longer necessary? How do you distinguish framework coding form business logic?

These are some of the questions we answered at the GSE Working Group "European Enterprise Modernization for zOS". Further details...

Predicate BEST OF for AMELIO Logic Discovery

4. Predicate BEST OF for AMELIO Logic Discovery

The expert jury of "Initiative Mittelstand" (Initiative for Small and Medium-sized Businesses) awarded AMELIO Logic Discovery with the predicate BEST OF 2015!

Find out why AMELIO Logic Discovery was awarded...

The most popular Articles in 2014

5. The most popular Articles in 2014

Which topics are of most interest for our customers and prospects?

Which topics in our newsletters have received great interest?

We have put together the most read articles for you...




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