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Delta SCOUT² - User Interface

The comfortable user interface of SCOUT² provides you with precisely the information you require in a clear format. You can process any type of object consistently in the context of the project.

The user interface may be designed at will by positioning the windows just where you require them: uniform across system boundaries and individually adapted to your particular task:

  • Object List – Displays all objects in your project and is the central location from which processes and actions are invoked on one or more objects.
  • View Definition – Create and customize views to give you the information in the object list that best meets your needs for the task at hand.
  • Output Window – Allows you to trace the output of current tasks and see the results of batch processes.
  • Preview Window – Displays a formatted view of the currently selected object, saving the effort of opening a special browse or edit tool to inspect an object.
  • Detail Window – Additional information about the selected object, including change history and dependency analysis.
  • Search Path – Selects the libraries and objects that you want to be considered in your project, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.



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