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SCOUT² Development Platform – comfortable and efficient development for all platforms

SCOUT² is the extensible development platform of choice for project teams using multiple platforms, toolsets and change control environments.

With SCOUT² Development Platform we want to support you in your daily project work the best way possible. Therefore, we place particular importance on usability, performance and simple adaptability.

Selected features include:

  • Central Definition of Development Processes – Work flows and related processes are centrally defined according to your company-specific policies. This technical implementation of the logical development processes specifies one-time, which tools are used for which processes on which platforms and how. The developers only execute the logical processes without caring about its technical implementation. With this concept, SCOUT² enables standardized development processes that can be however tailored to your individual needs. Therewith you can assure the compliance with your company policies very easily. 
  • Seamless Integration of Development Environments and Tools under a uniform user interface – SCOUT² allows especially the efficient development of mainframe applications in a modern and easy-to-use PC environment. All accesses and processes that are technically necessary for the selected platform, are automatically executed by SCOUT². SCOUT² contains the complexity of the development processes and allows developers to focus on "WHAT" needs to be done. The "HOW" is automatically done by SCOUT².
  • Scalable Workgroup Function – across project levels - SCOUT² users work with a logical view of their project and the related target environment. When you are working in your local "sandbox", you don't have to spend any time on asking yourself what other developers do – neither in your project nor in other development projects. SCOUT² handles this task and maintains the overview.
  • Sophisticated Search Path Concept – SCOUT² automatically regulates the module access considering the library hierarchy and object dependencies. You automatically use the right component in the right version for your project.
  • Dynamic Process Control – The list of processes available for the currently selected objects is always limited to those that are applicable based on your selection.
  • Dependency and Impact Analysis – SCOUT² tracks dependencies between objects and can automatically recreate objects using the appropriate processes to bring your project up-to-date.
  • Collections – Allow you to optimize your project workflows by collecting objects into named collections. Processes can be applied to a collection or to the members of the collection.
  • Workspace Management – Provides a sandbox environment in which local changes can be made and tested to an object without impacting other users. Objects can be automatically checked out and remain locked until returned from your local workspace.
  • Version Control – SCOUT² provides protective and locking mechanisms and integrates with standard change and configuration management products, both on the workstation and on different host platforms.
  • SourceAssistant – Full function graphical editor for working with all types of source files. SourceAssistant includes syntax coloring and a wide range of productivity features to simply the daily work of the professional developer.




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